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Sep 23, 2013 03:54 PM

giant corn nixtamal in Montreal? and hominy

So... I just found out I can't just soak giant cuzco hybrid corn kernels in water like you would with kidney beans and nixtamalization is so much work.

Any place in Montreal where I can get some giant corn nixtamal? Also where can I find lime powder (cal)?

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  1. Hominy is used in pozole, correct? I am pretty sure I've seen it at Sabor Latino on St-Denis and they might be able to help with the lime powder as well.

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      Sabor Latino is my suggestion as well. I think one of their their two locations is on St. Laurent and the other on Belanger.
      (site not fully functional)

    2. If Peruvian corn is labeled 'mote pelado' it is nixtamalized corn that's been dried. It just needs cooking (possibly longer than on the package).