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Sep 23, 2013 03:51 PM

Best Entree in city

What are the best entrees, hands down, served in all of Miami and surrounding areas? Price should not be considered in this question and any answer is acceptable as long as it's truly among the very best

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  1. My personal bests since moving from Boston:

    1. Myung Ga Tofu stir fried pork
    17/20 $16

    Not strictly an "entree":

    Zuma Premium Omakase: Wagyu tenderloin, King Crab, potato served with wasabi
    18/20 VE

    1. This is a question that requires high level knowledge of the miami dining scene. If we can't get many responses and people want to add in appetizer options that would be cool too, as long as they really belong in a list of the very best dishes in the city