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Sep 23, 2013 03:45 PM

gapi shrimp paste (Thai)

Hi, all!

I'm looking for South-East Asian shrimp paste, called gapi (or kapi) in Thai or mắm ruốc/mắm tép/mắm tôm in Viet, for Thai applications.

Shockingly, T&T doesn't carry the stuff.

I live in Leslieville- anyone know where I can find some nearby?

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  1. Hmm You can try Al Premium Foods 1970 Eglinton Avenue E
    Toronto, ON M1L 2M6 as they have a decent variety of these items you can call them but I think its worth a visit (416) 751-3666

    1. If you want the same as used in Filipino cuisine (bagoong alamang) - it is found commonly in most Asian stores including t &t - it's in Filipino food sections in glass jars. There's different varieties - some cooked some not - but all fermented shrimp paste.

      1. I picked some up last week at T&T last week. If not there, try the Broadview China town.