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Sep 23, 2013 03:43 PM

Gluten free beignets?

So I realize this may be an oxymoron, and that these may not even exist in the depths of the mind of a true beignet lover, but... I'm traveling to New Orleans with my partner who is gluten free, and I'm on a search.

Does anyone know if gluten free beignets exist in the greater Nola area? I'll be very grateful for any tips!

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  1. Sorry, no mainstream places making beignets have gluten free versions. I know of a single gluten free bakery in the area, Peace Bakery, in Metairie:
    Peace makes doughnuts, so you might call and see if beignets are ever in their product rotation.

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      Thanks for the tip! I just called them, and they do in fact make gluten free beignets, but they won't start until mid-October or so. I believe their reasoning behind this is that it gets too hot in the kitchen.

      Also, it sounds like you're right - they told me they're the only gluten free bakery in the area.

      I'll keep my eyes open and report back if I find anything, though!