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Breaking Bad Series Finale

Know of any venues throwing viewing parties? I don't have cable and would love to watch the finale live! Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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        I would love to know which location. If there's one in Toronto can you let me know?

      2. I doubt it maybe TIFF Lightbox (you can call them and check) as its not a Game/Event so I doubt any bars would show it (beside copyright can be an issue)

          1. Check Clinton's Tavern. They might be.

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            1. re: Googs

              I heard them talking to Clinton's on the radio today, they are showing it. 2 TVs and a big screen. I guess these places figure it is a pretty safe bet that no one will go after them. Glad you checked Buster Rhino

            2. the shoeless joes at king/john has tvs in every booth with controls to adjust volume and select channels :P

              id also call drake and aaa barbeque as they have hosted topchef viewing parties so this may be something they may be doing for breaking bad.

              - khao san road

              1. Yes-Hurricane's at Bloor/Ossington has trivia,prizes and candy blue crystak meth and a full house every Sunday-get there early

                1. We were going to do this, we called our provide (shaw) and we have been told in no uncertain terms that no restaurant or bar can show this as it is a movie station and nobody has the rights to publicly broadcast this event. I was intrigued so I phoned the other providers and they all said the same thing, unless you are stealing someone's apartment feed from upstairs there is no way to get it into a commercial establishment.

                  Now I know why there wasn't any dexter parties either.

                  1. BB is carried on AMC so anyone can watch it