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Sep 23, 2013 03:04 PM

Florence Wedding Rehearsal Aperitivo

Hello everyone,
We're getting married in Florence in November, and we're looking for a place to host a rehearsal aperitivo / welcome reception - wine and a nibbles / appetisers spread. We'll be a large group - about 45. Dinner the day of the wedding is formal, so we're looking for something more relaxed the day before - not the Four Seasons! We'd really appreciate any ideas you may have. Thanks!

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  1. what day of the week?

    1. Thursday - probably around 5/6ish to 7/8ish.

      Currently our best lead may be Obika, which I known has lots of space.


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        You might check out whether Frescobaldi wine bar can accommodate your group.

      2. I was going to suggest Obika!
        Another idea might be the Golden View Open Bar. I think they can cordon off one of the front rooms, with amazing views of Ponte Vecchio, for you.
        An amazing space is the private dining room at SeSto, with views out over Florence. Not sure about the price, but worth asking about.