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Sep 23, 2013 02:23 PM

oysters on chuckanut drive (BLI, WA)

is this an oyster month in the PacNW?
then again, maybe oyster farming makes a diff

question for LotusR from Vcvr - i have always wondered about going to the oyster place on Chuckanut - that old white house looking building - i see it from way below from the Amtrak Cascades enroute to PDX -
do you have input?

i think i might be getting mixed up
the photos here don't look like what I'm thinking of - tho it works (the view, etc

the place I am thinking of seems to be a white building on the edge of Ch Drive

we just want to taste some fresh raw and maybe plain cooked oysters - then again, i saw there was a "closure" - maybe on the state park Bayview website - i'll have to check by calling the restaurant

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  1. Hi, GS:

    You are thinking of Chuckanut Manor. The Oyster Bar is a different place, further north on Chuckanut Drive. Chuckanut Manor serves up excellent seafood. Their buffet is usually very impressive. The Oyster Bar is a much smaller place, more upscale, more $$.

    As of today, in Skagit County, only Cypress and Sinclair Island beaches are closed. But all of Whatcom County south of Sandy Point is closed (the County Line is midway up the Drive). Mind you, these closures are for *recreational* harvesting, and do not apply to commercial operations. If the restos have 'em, eat 'em.

    The State hotline: 1-800-562-5632.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      yes, that's the place - thank you! - look at that photo - Amtrak Cascades goes scooting right past there - one of the best scenic rail trips - and the ivars-on-board (and Tims Cascades) ain't too bad for enroute food.

      (also - just checked the Manor website - and we kind of have a thing about going to places that sell their own t-shirts - and I don't mean that in a negative way - it's totally appropriate to this part of the world)

      ps - i enjoy reading your input about cookware etc - thank you

    2. You missed Taylor Shellfish Farm's presence at this event last month:

      And so did I.

      They also had an open house sometime last month I can't recall exactly when.

      BTW, this week is Bellingham Beer Week, celebrating craft beers:

      It's mainly hosted by Chuckanut Brewery, Boundary Bay Brewery and Kulshan Brewery but other smaller players are involved.

      We had dinner at Chucknut Brewery on Sat nite while staying down there for the weekend. I'm an ethanol weenie so I had the 6 taster pack plus half a pint of their Oktoberfest before calling it quits.

      1. reporting back - drove south on chuckanut from BLI (Fairhaven district) toward Mt Vernon, WA

        beautiful natural woods and ocean views along this drive - we skipped that one place that is in the dark, damp-looking ravine (kind of a sharp curve on CHuckanut - i believe it is this place and shortly came upon The Oyster Bar - this is the place to go - the photos on this page are exactly what you see

        we had some fresh (raw) oysters - the BC Fanny Bay were our fav - we never have sauce on them, we like to taste the oyster - so the knowledgeable waiter made us a little "flight" - excellent. We also had a couple of pan fried (bread crumb coating) - those were good too.

        we also had some Elkhorn oysters in our flight - and I can't recall the other variety - the pdf menu on their website doesn't look like the one they showed us the other day Sunday (and not all are avail at same time - ie market availability etc


        we did not look at the beverage menu as we were driving for several more hours after that lunch meal.

        the view, even on a grey autumn day, was beautiful - washrooms clean, easy parking (tho could get crowded and dark out there) - possibly some outdoor seating on a warm day - but definitely a nice place for a cool grey day (fireplace, etc)

        some tables are right up at the windows - nice - tho we had a great view from one of the booths near the fireplace - you look OVER the window seat guests - but not intrusively so.

        it's not cheap like some of those happy hour oyster places (but that's not our food style) - however, in our opinon, it's worth it - you know the old saying about getting what ya pay for etc. I would go back.

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        1. re: Georgia Strait

          Niiiice, glad it worked out, GS ! :-D

          We haven't been to OB for a few years now (ie: parenting years), and I sure miss 'em.

          Planning for going to Willows Inn for our 20th anniv. in Fall 2014. Write-up here:

          And Mijune (Follow Me Foodie) had a series on WI if you read it, great stuff.


          BTW, if you've not been to Avenue Bread in Fairhaven, do so next time. The pesto goat cheese savory danish is awesome.

          1. re: Georgia Strait

            Hey, GS:

            What do you think of Sooke Harbor House? Is it as good as it was 10 years ago?


            1. re: Georgia Strait

              ps - we also had some of their roasted halibut - the waiter said it was from Alaska - nice clean taste -

              and some baked oysters - i prefer a simpler preparation (i don't like sauces etc) - however they were good

              i don't have experience with the Sooke Harbour House - is there anything on the BC board?