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Sep 23, 2013 02:19 PM

Long-grain rice sauteed with garlic and baked in beef consomme...

My mother used to make this terrific side dish whenever we had grilled meat for dinner - She sauteed Uncle Ben's in vegetable oil with minced garlic until the rice was fairly well browned and then would stir in a can or two of undiluted Campbell's Beef Consomme and put it into a 350 oven, stirring every so often and adding more consomme over the course of a couple hours or so until the finished product was a casserole filled with glossy, dark brown rice. I have lost my notes and am trying to reconstruct this dish. Can anyone out there lend a hand?

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  1. Sounds like you have the necessary info. Just remember that you need at least twice the volume of consomme as uncooked rice. This must be a very salty dish. You could add water during the baking rather than more consomme. I would use the reduced sodium version of Better than Bouillon beef or chicken base, and make a slightly dilute amount of broth with it, since it will concentrate in the oven.
    I'd include thinly sliced onion as well.

    1. Undiluted! That is a lot of salt!
      As stated already Sounds like you have a recipe already.

      1. Wouldn't cooking rice for several hrs produce very overlooked mushy rice? Some recipes that are so counter intuitive are such revelations, I am very curious...

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          Gloriaa , when I have baked converted rice in a casserole, I've found that it stays much more firm and stable than regular long grain white rice does.
          It took me a couple of failed chili cheese rice dishes to figure out why my favorite recipe had become mushy!

          1. re: kitchengardengal

            Thks! I don't usually cook converted rice, in fact I don't think I have ever cooked or eaten it. Will try it!

        2. I'm sorry but that sorta sounds like salty rice pudding...

          But maybe its available through uncle ben's or campbells?

          Campbell's has a message board where you could post this question.

          1. Here's a similar recipe from my sister almost 30 years ago that we enjoyed at the time. This is as written but may be close enough that you can work with it.

            1 cup rice
            1 can Campbell's Soup beef broth (bouillon)
            1 can Campbell's Soup beef consomme
            1 stick margarine
            1 onion

            Saute onion in margarine. Combine all ingredients and bake covered 30 minutes at 350. Bake another 30 minutes uncovered.