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Sep 23, 2013 01:21 PM

A few days in Austin (Travis Heights) - where to eat??

Hi there. I am spending a few days in Austin next month and staying in Travis Heights. I'm looking for some food recs - breakfast, lunch, and dinner, price not realllly a factor....I'd prefer most to be moderately priced, in the 15 to 20ish range, but am happy to splurge if it's worth it. Basically, if you are from Austin, and you move away, and only come home for a few days, what places MUST you get to?? I'm not sure if I'll have a car or bike, but would travel a bit if it's worth it. Thanks!

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  1. Man, I'd be working both sides of Congress south of Riverside! There are lots of good places!

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      thanks! Any specifics come to mind?

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        I'd recommend Vespaio and /or Enoteca. These places are side by side, and share ownership. Vespaio is higher end italian, while Enoteca fits in the 15-20 price range.

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          Both are good, but I like Enoteca for brunch if you are around.

    2. You've got quite a few restaurants within walking distance of Travis Heights... Vespaio/Enoteca (as mentioned by others. I think Enoteca is the better of the two, by far), Perla's, Elizabeth St, Sway, Lenoir, just to name a few.

      For good Mexican food with great neighborhood vibe, Curra's and Polvos are great. I'm in the Polvos camp, but plenty of people would argue with me. Avoid Guero's. Well, it's not so bad for chips/salsa and margaritas, but keep it at that.

      Go to Whip-In for beers/wine and Indian food. Awesome place for a hang and some snacks.

      Slightly out of walking distance (but a super quick car/cab ride), some other gems are Barley Swine and Uchi.

      Those should get you started!

      1. Whip In for great beer selection and SAMOSAS! Enoteca is always good (try the Zucchini Fritti app). La Barbecue brisket is legit, and much shorter lines than Franklin's. If you're willing to go north of the river into downtown, 2nd Bar + Kitchen and parkside are both good (parkside has arguably the best happy hour in town 5-6:30 seven days a week).