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Sep 23, 2013 01:21 PM

Adams Morgan for 30 people?

Looking to host a business dinner for 20-30 people on a Wednesday evening coming up soon. Really want Adams Morgan. Even tough it's business, its a fun dinner, not a PowerPoint frenzy. Would love a rooftop if the weather holds or possibly a private room.

Any easy ideas for places that can accommodate with good food and good service?

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  1. I would go for U street. There is fun and then there is overly young and kind of dirty. I think you get the latter with Adam's Morgan. Mintwood might be nice enough but I think you'd have a hard time with that many people there on shorter notice.

    What about Masa 14, or upstairs Bar Pilar, or rooftop Marvin?

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      I don't think you could get 30 people into Mintwood unless you rented out 1/2 the restaurant. Maybe the upstairs floor at Bourbon? The only other place in Adams Morgan that I can think of for that group would be Grill from Impanema but in all honesty I went to a large party there recently and they messed up a bunch of orders and the food was only so-so.

      I also agree that your options in Logan Circle are greater. You could try the back room at Cork or Le Diplomate.

    2. No personal experience with anything like this (and I haven't been to either of these places in ages and ages) but in Adams Morgan on 18th Street, Bourbon or Jack Rose *might* work for you. I think they both do private events at least.

      But, yeah, 14th St (U St/Logan Circle) is more the fun young vibe these days, with seems like a new place opening every other day.