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Sep 23, 2013 01:15 PM

Salt, Sugar, Fat (the book)

Been reading this one lately. How manipulated we are by the processed foods industrial complex. Good readin':

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  1. Then again, don't y'all run off to Whole Foods after reading this book. If anyone read Kelly McLean's recent column in the Huffington, it's freaking funny.

    Namaste :-D

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      1. re: Georgia Strait

        Just Google "Surviving Whole Foods" :-)

        It's also on a thread in the CH Food Media & News forum.

      2. you might enjoy this paper-based newsletter (well, maybe it comes out e-version these days, I don't know)

        i think most clinical people and scientists would approve of the articles - and the study methodology - i realize that a conversation around this could either invigorate - or demo - a dinner party ; )

        also - and I think you started a thread a few months ago about PC Blue Menu - they rate (if you subscribe to the CDN version) diff quick foods - as we all from time to time - and more often - resort to these products

        here is the newsletter subscription page

        make sure you specify and give a CDN address in order to get the Cdn food ratings - ratings range from everything that Tim Horton's offers (ach!) to things we buy from PC

        I like the back page where it describes two somewhat similar products (or food concepts) and suggests which one to choose - I know that this is not rocket science to some - it's helpful and illuminating to many (seen a drive-thru in the auto-based communities lately?)

        1. oh, that's quite the Huff report! - makes me think twice about going to whole paychq again - tho might be tempted by the face age device ; )

          and as far as the prius goes, i had one pass me recently on the SHOULDER approaching Peace Arch (on my way to BHam TJ's no less ; ) ....

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          1. re: Georgia Strait

            Prius-driving co-worker would justify such crappy driving by saying that stopping would have wasted gas.