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Sep 23, 2013 01:11 PM

New Paltz - Lunch / early dinner with elderly couple

Going to New Paltz area with elderly couple. While I enjoy the vibe of New Paltz , these are elderly people who don't drink and aren't into sports. Not "adventurous" people. No sushi or Thai and something simple and easy would be appreciated. I searched here on CH and found Grimaldis, but I thought that maybe something more than a pizza or burgers would be nice. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

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  1. The Village Tearoom ( would probably be your best bet.

    1. i believe grimaldi's shut down a couple years ago.

      i agree that the tearoom is a good option. if it's a nice afternoon (though weather here is cooling down), you can sit outside.

      1. Grimaldis reopened at the end of August and seem to have expanded their menu....Main Street Bistros menu looks good too - seems to get good reviews online ...

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          Main Street Bistro is definitely not the place for an elderly, unadventurous couple. Always a wait for a table. Tables squished together. great breakfast, ok lunch, but they close at sbout 4:00 PM on most days .love it though. Some suggestions-Shea O'Brien's- Irish pub, food is good, comfortable setting. Another suggestion is Mountain Brauhaus, a little out of town, out on rte. 299. Great German food with other choices, too. A fun place is P&Gs, another bar with a reputation as a biker bar, but actually very family oriented with a large elderly customer base during lunch and dinner hours, except for Friday dinner/happy hour. . It can get noisy, but is fine for lunch and early dinner. Check out their online menu, plus they have good specials.

          1. Thanks for all the rec's!

            Grimaldis it was. And Grimaldis has the most flavorless pizza I have ever encountered. Ever.