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Sep 23, 2013 01:00 PM

Double Concentrate Tomato Paste/ Paste in a Tube

Has anyone ever used tomato paste from a tube? We use tomato paste with enough frequency to buy the pack of cans from Costco, but I hate having to either throw out a little or store a few tablespoons when recipes only use a little bit (and we do not use it so frequently that we need open containers in the fridge all the time). I've never seen tomato paste in a tube in my grocery store, but after seeing it at Williams Sonoma I found a few other sources online. Most of them require buying a fairly substantial quantity, so I'd love to hear what others' experience is. Many of these pastes are labeled as being "double concentrate." Do they really have twice the flavor? Am I right to assume you'd just use half the amount as a recipe calls for?


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  1. I don't buy it but see it in all our big grocery stores. Surprised that you don't.

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      I've always see it on the top shelf, where they sell the tomatoes and italian foods section in many grocery store. The boxes are only about 2 inches or less wide and the packing just doesn't draw attention to it. Usually where they sell the tubed anchovy sauce. If it's good enough for Mario Batali, he uses it on "The Chew" for many of his recipes, it's good enough for me.

    2. I'm not sure about using less, I'm not a measurer when I cook, but the Italian brands of tomato paste in a tube are so tasty, I could eat right out of the tube, and have. It does thicken tomato sauce very well, and is very good in sauce aurore.

      1. I keep the tubes on hand, unless I am making something that requires a good quantity at once, because I don't use tomato paste all that often and the tubes keep for ages in the fridge. The paste has very good flavor, but I do not use half the amount (or any less) than I would otherwise.

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          I get mine from either Sprouts or Trader Joes, but I have seen it at Ralphs too. I don't use less either.

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            Trader Joe's discontinued theirs some months ago, which is a shame since it was the same quality as Amore et. al, for a fourth the price.

            If the tubes are "double-concentrated", so's the stuff you buy in the supermarket in 6oz cans. You could throw away what you don't need from a can and still pay less than you would for a tube. I keep the Trader Joe's tube in the fridge indefinitely, though it DOES have an expiration date. I won't buy the pricier tubes again. I just put the extra in the can in a small freezer container. When I need a bit I either pry it out or let the container thaw for a short time, spoon some out, then refreeze the remainder.

        2. I see it all the time and have a tube from Whole Foods always in the fridge. I only buy cans if I need more than 75% of it. I don't consider it double concentrated, I just use it as is - tbsp for tbsp.

          1. I just find it so easy to freeze leftovers in 1T 'blobs' and then put in a zipping bags.