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Sep 23, 2013 12:30 PM

You'll Starve at El Sol

A large bunch of us, family and friends ranging in age from 19 to 55, went to El Sol over the weekend because I'd read some good reviews and we like to try new places.
Here are the comments from the group because I wish I'd been warned about the place before I spent almost $200.00 on a meal that left almost everyone disappointed:
- Our drinks came really fast after we ordered but then we waited a ½ hour for our two appetizers and over an HOUR for our mains. There were only 5 tables occupied in the restaurant while we were there and one couple walked out without ordering after waiting a ½ hour for someone to come and take their order.
- I asked for a dish made with chicken, but the server brought it with mushrooms instead, and said that it didn’t come with chicken. I should have read the menu more closely, but he should have told me that it didn’t come with chicken when I ordered.
- The food wasn’t exceptional, I could make it better at home.
- The meat platter wasn’t as described. It was a small layer of meat underneath a lot of vegetables that I wasn’t expecting.
- My food was very greasy.
- Good meat/beans/rice.
- I enjoyed the flavouring of the rice.
- My shrimp dish had 5 lovely huge shrimp but the sauce (made with diced onions & green peppers) was boring and greasy. I ate the shrimp and left the rest.
- The servers use a cafeteria cart to serve the food and clear the tables. It rattled really loudly on the tile floor and was very distracting every time it went by. It made me think I was in a school cafeteria and not a nice restaurant.
- Hearing the server and the cook shouting at each other in the kitchen was unpleasant and made me feel uncomfortable.
So there you have it. Obviously, we won't be returning and are still looking for a decent, family style Mexican restaurant.

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  1. El Sol service has always been abysmal. Once upon a time when Toronto had very few mexican options, it might have been worth the pain but now with so many great places in the city El Sol deserves to slowly fade away....

    1. It's had a long standing nickname of "El Slow'.

      My Tex/Cal Mex go to in the city is Fernando's. It's solid, reliable and reasonable. There's no authetnic break throughs there but when craving cheese enchiladas that's where we end up and always leave satisfied.

      1. The original comment has been removed