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Sep 23, 2013 11:40 AM


A the tailgate this weekend I mentioned I'd made daube spaghetti recently and there was a BR cook who'd never heard of it. I wasn't not surprised since (A) Baton Rouge may as well be on another planet and (B) you don't see the item much anymore. I told him Vincent's had put it ion the menu although if it is still there I don't know. Who else in town has it? I am going to make a batch for the next tailgate and stuff some artichokes as well, all in my effort to civilize the west.

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  1. I've only had it at home. I can't recall any restaurants off hand that serve it.

    1. It's a Wednesday special at Mandina's, and Restaurant R'evolution has it on Thursdays (as a tribute to Maylie's).

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        Ah, I wondered about andin'a././my set-plate in there iw so standard I haven't looked seriously at a menu in ages. (I usually go for bruccialone anyway) There wused to be a place on Louisiana Ave that did it and there was a spot between Broadway and Carrolton that had it also. Seems to have done a vanishing act.

        I'd have thought brisket was more a typical Maylie tribute...

      2. Casamentos always had it on their menu, I don't know if they still do

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          Have not been this year so it will be fun to see. I don't know if I ever had it there....

        2. Had it last week at Mandina's, as HC points out.