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Sep 23, 2013 11:19 AM

Visiting Vancouver

Visiting Vancouver this weekend and was hoping to get some advice on where to eat. We are staying at the Four Seasons but could go anywhere. We definitely need a few places where we could go with a group for dinner (in town for a conference) as well as a few can't-miss places for lunch or a snack, etc.

We all love sushi, dim sum, fish, etc. Also, some places to hit for drinks would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

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  1. Where are you and your group from ? Sometimes knowing where folks come from help with the recommendations, as Vancouver has its strengths and weaknesses compared to other metropolitan areas.

    Sometimes what you seek is right under your nose !

    The Yew right inside Four Seasons is a celebrated venue with many accolades.

    Miku near the Convention Centre is known for sushi etc.

    Blue Water Cafe in Yaletown for seafood.

    Other options include:

    Bao Bei (Chinatown)
    Oyster Express (Chinatown)
    Chambar (Railtown)
    Sun Sui Wah, for dim sum (Main Street)
    Victoria Restaurant, for dim sum (in Hyatt Hotel)
    Thomas Haas Patisserie & Fine Chocolates (W. Broadway)
    Bella Gelateria (W. Cordova)

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      We are from NYC, meeting friends from all over (Portland, LA, DC.)

      1. re: caphill2320

        if the weather is dry, i'd be sure to take a ride over on the Sea Bus (transit) - you go to the NORTH foot of Granville St - enter the big old Cdn Pacific Rail station (not anywhere like Grand Central in terms of size, but has a certain majesty) - and then get your tickets (take lots of Cdn coins) - and go across on the Sea Bus transit - just to look back on the city skyline and also view the mountains - there is a small public market at the north terminal - also a hotel with a drinks lounge and SOME views - not panoramic but some views (note that this is diff than the hotel within the market building) ----

        or if transit is not your group's style, then hire a local limo (*ask your concierge, Limojet is the common choice) and go around Stanley Park for a dramatic view of downtown etc.

        if you go out for a walk/run on your own and need to warm up - the sylvia hotel - while not amazing in terms of dining - does offer lovely sunset "english bay" views from its restaurant and drinks lounge. ... nothing like you'd see in PDX, LA, etc. Very old time Vanc, it's been there forever.

        i am very familiar with PDX and greater LA and also certain aspects of Manhattan (how can we compare to NYC!) and we certainly offer a vibrant, clean and relatively safe downtown, amazing ocean and mountain views and lots of clean air - and maybe some spa quality clean water falling out of the sky!

        your concierge can look up the sunrise / sunset times (important if you want to enjoy the full scenery in Vcvr) - otherwise, go to Environment Canada for full details - that's the official federal weather website with sunset time etc. Note it's in metric. There must be a way to convert but I don't know. Anyway, scroll to bottom of page for sunset time (Pacific Daylight Time

      2. re: LotusRapper

        LR - I don't know how to PM on this site - so I left you a note about Penticton on that recent thread


        100 % agree with LR - helps to know more than "hi, we're going to be in Vcvr" ----- I don't mean to be rude in saying that. So look at the other threads, like "dinner with friends" etc - you'll find lots of knowledge about this beautiful city

        plus, LR has given you a great suggestion re: the Four Seasons - Yew.

        are there still some food trucks around the convention centers? (note that there are two venues in Vanc - about a block apart, both on the water of Coal Harbour) I was down town yesterday (Sunday) but of course, that's not when one would expect to see the trucks out there.

        for a treat, the gelato there at the Pacific Rim is good ; ) .... oh, and if i'd read more closely, I'd see that LR has already told you about it here.

        for quick - i always resort to Anatolia Express around the north side of the NEW convention center (the one with grass roof - NOT the sails)
        they make the peda as you wait - and the hummos is the best.

        enjoy your visit.

        1. re: Georgia Strait

          Hey thanks for the info (in the Penticton thread) GS ! I've oopied/pasted it and emailed it to myself for future reference, our next trip up there will likely be next Spring.

          If you click on my tag directly you'll see my profile info on the right side including my email addy. Not everyone puts their info in their CH user profile. I happened to have, and have received some very helpful and generous tips and info (even a few purchases of my kitchen items) from other CH-ers.


          1. re: LotusRapper

            how did the sale of white plates go - see other thread - the restaurant closing out.

            1. re: Georgia Strait

              I didn't go, we were out of town. Wished I could have, 'tho.

        2. re: LotusRapper

          Victoria Restaurant In the Hyatt is closed due renovations right now.

          Kirin on Alberni would be the best for dim sum in Downtown Vancouver but I would hop on the Canada Line to go to Richmond and try out Sea Harbour.

          Other watering holes to consider: Alibi Room & Bambuddha.

          For Traditional Sushi try Miko (on Robson street)

          There's also Izakaya for your consideration. There are the Guus, Kingyo and Zakkushi. They are lively places to share a few plates and have some beers.

        3. We had a great meal at Tuc Craft Kitchen last week which I still haven't written up. Excellent service, value priced and tasty food is the short version. Location is a tad sketchy. Would be fine for a group -- in fact, there was a large retirement party happening next to us. They must have some noise dampering up because it was much quieter (but not too quiet) than Homer Street Café this past Saturday, and much more interesting food for half the price.

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          1. re: grayelf

            It's a shame you don't blog GS .... would love to hear about your experiences at Tuc and Homer street cafe (both on my Want to Visit List).

            1. re: moyenchow

              You mean GE, not GS (who would make a good blogger too IMO)

              1. re: LotusRapper

                Oops, Yes I meant GE.... sigh can we chalk it to Mindless Mondays?

              2. re: moyenchow

                I will post, promise, in the next few days on both, even if it kills me. We need more data points on these new places, don't we?

            2. Thank you all for the information without much to go on! I apologize, I realize I should have been more specific.

              We definitely want to try dim sum and could be willing to go to Richmond if it's not too far and they serve dim sum on Monday. Kirin and Sea Harbour sound like good options.

              Are Miko and Miku different sushi places?

              Is it worth trying to go to Vij's or Tojo? (I recently rewatched Bourdain's Vancouver episode)

              Is there a great coffee place like Blue Bottle or Stumptown?

              Thanks again!

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              1. re: caphill2320

                In my PERSONAL opinion, the only places worthy of going from Bourdain's visit are Vij's, Cioppino's and Sooke Harbour House (on Vanc. Isld). Since you now have a Japadog in NYC, you can skip it here. Tojo's is famous, however not everyone local or from out-of-town necessarily find them to be a "can't-miss" after the facts. Still, some folks want to go there so they can say they've been to Tojo's in Vancouver. Hate to quote the cliche, but "YMMV" (your mileage may vary).

                Miko and Miku are different and not related.

                Another landmark is Bishop's, on W. 4th Ave. May seem a tad old-school for some, but I think they are the quintessential Vancouver/West Coast must-go-to restaurant. Bishop's has has withstood decades of time (and culinary fads) and John Bishop has mentored countless chefs who have gone on to establish very successful careers of their own. Zagat kind of summed it up nicely:


                1. re: LotusRapper

                  excellent summation LR re: Bishops

                  old school and definitely West Coast Vcvr.

                2. re: caphill2320

                  Most places that do dim sum in Richmond will have it all week, but they might have more variety on the weekend. There is a Kirin at Cambie and 12th that I like if you don't want to go all the way to Richmond, easily accessible by bus or Skytrain.

                  Miko is quite "old school" for sushi. I like it a lot. Order a la carte and bring money. Miku is modern (assuming the menu hasn't changed since they moved) and I only like one thing they serve. Bring money.

                  I love Blue Bottle and think Stumptown is good. Try Revolver, Matchstick, Elysian (2 locations) or even 49th Parallel (2 locations, though I heard a rumour they've sold their retail holdings to Lucky Doughnuts and are moving into wholesale) for coffee in a similar league/cool café experiences.