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Sep 23, 2013 11:10 AM

Dinner for 6 on October 19th - Is it too late to get a good table?

Traveling from Philly to NYC for the weekend. Staying with friends in Chelsea. I have a back up 8pm reservation at Sparks but I'd like some other options. Sparks seems a little "safe" and I can get a good steak in Philly. I'd rather have a memorable, unique to NYC type of meal. I've called around and a lot of places are booked already. I'm looking for something along the lines of Dell'Anima (completely booked), Maialino (booked), Osteria Morini (booked). Recently, had a great meal at Da Andrea. Leaning towards Italian but open to American, French or Japanese. Prefer to eat in Chelsea, EV, WV, GV, MPD. $75 per person including 2 drinks, tax and tip (we aren't the three course meal type. A few starters for the table, two drinks, pasta or entrée, usually no dessert) Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I don't think it's too late to score a reservation for 6 for October 19th, though it may also depend on what time you're looking to dine. Tables would more likely be available, even at some popular places, for 6pm or later in the evening, say 9:30pm.

    If you like Dell'anima, I'd strongly recommend L'Apicio. It's by the same restaurant group, but the space is much bigger and I've dined there many times with larger parties. I find that the staff is very accommodating and helpful too.

    For Italian, you may also want to try Scarpetta, Charlie Bird, Perla, Il Buco, Rubirosa, The Marrow (Italian/German).

    For French (casual, and within your budget), consider Le Philosophe. The food is rustic yet interesting, and very share-able.

    For Japanese, I'd recommend Dieci (Japanese with Italian influences), Kanoyama, Takashi, Neta.

    For American, your choices are likely greater... consider Market Table, Montmatre, Maysville, The Dutch, Feast, Pearl & Ash, Estela, Fedora, Little Owl...

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      I second L'Apicio. It is available on Open Table. Or Craft has availability too.

    2. Trying doing an Open Table search for that day for 6 people in Manhattan and then refine the search to "Italian." I came up with 317 hits. I saw Osteria Morini available, for example.

      Another place that has reservations available is Stella 34. I have suggested this place a few times here on CH. Although it is located within Macy's (I realize some may find this a minus), it has excellent food and the space is beautiful. Lots of small plates and antipasti to share. Check it out:

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        I am searching Open Table - Osteria Morini is only available at 5:45. That's a little early for us. Thanks for the tip on Stella 34. Might be a good idea for my November shopping trip with my Mom and sister!

        1. re: obx_nancy

          There was a 9pm reservation available when I searched earlier. I see it is gone now. You may have luck with the time you want by calling them though.

          Stella 34 is the perfect respite from a day of shopping!

        2. re: ttoommyy

          if OP is basing that restaurants are booked because open table says it is,, i suggest calling directly. the other day i used OT for esca, it was booked, i called and got a table at time i needed

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Agreed. I'd be surprised if many restaurants do not have availability 3-4 weeks out, as long as you call them instead of checking Opentable.

            1. re: zeeEats

              I called the following places with no luck, after seeing they were unavailable on Open Table: Dell'Anima, Maialino, Lupa & Locanda Verde. Osteria Morini was able to move some things around a get us a table at 9pm. Also, got an 8:30 table at Po. Now, I'm trying to decide between Po or Osteria Morini!

              1. re: obx_nancy

                I haven't been to Po in a while, but based on my experiences, I'd say go with Osteria Morini. Po has a small dining room with low ceilings, not much of an exciting atmosphere for a party your size. I also find the menu at OM to be much more varied, share-able and tasty.