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Sep 23, 2013 11:04 AM

Vegetarian dishes at Little Pepper

We're taking a group of friends to Little Pepper for a celebratory dinner next month. There are a few vegetarians in the group (some of whom will eat fish). What dishes do you recommend for the table for these meat-free folks? I've had the fresh cucumber with mashed garlic, scallion pancake, the lotus root with pepper, and I think the shredded potato with cabbage. All good, but we'll need more for this group.

Also, I've never tried some of the more expensive dishes on the menu--are those meant to serve a larger number of people? I'm thinking of the Braised Sliced Fish In Spicy Soup Base in particular. Actually, any advice on ordering for a group of eight will be helpful.

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  1. Just there for a fabulous meal on Sat. night. on app menu also the szechuan "picked" veg... and don't miss the dry sauteed string beans -- a high point of our meal. Have also had the eggplant.

    1. Bamboo shoots in "chili sauce."

      One of their veg eggplant dishes (I am not at home so do not have menus, or my notes, at hand.)

      Ask them if they can make "dried bean curd with celery." This was not on the LP menu last time I was there, but well worth asking if they will agree to make it for you. This is a cold dish, eaten as a starter.