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Sep 23, 2013 11:04 AM

Looking for authentic Indian "sweets" and grocery in the Markham area

Can some one name some good Indian desert shops in the Markham area (or Scarborough, North York...etc....GTA). I think there was a Sri Lankan shop by McNicol just south of Victoria Park. Don't know if they're still around.

How about some good grocery shops as well in the same areas?

I know the Fresh Co on Major Mackenzie/Leslie is very multicultural catering to a wide number of ethnicities. But there must be others. Love to hear from Indian-Canadians.

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  1. There is (was) a Golden Grocers in the strip mall at Markham & 16th. They have all the standard indian grocery items.
    They also have a sweets counter inside the shop.

    A take out place called Babu's has a couple of locations and carries a fair variety of ready sweets but no groceries.

    I am positive these two will provide almost anything you want, but there are numerous others (just never needed to search them out)

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      Mistaan is usually the one recommended. I prefer babu for selection. And samosa king (?) it's the catering, takeout place at middle field and finch.

    2. Mistaan sweets @ McNicoll Ave at Harold Evans Cres is where I go.