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Sep 23, 2013 09:07 AM

Seafood Club

I want to eat more seafood and they are expensive. Has anyone ordered from The Seafood Club. I cannot find one review on this Vancouver office. Their warehouse is in Richmond. Their site says you pay less than the retail price. They deliver products frozen to you after you order online.

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  1. Interesting site. "Pay less than retail price ..." - but of course. :)

    What would be more interesting is to get some real industry folks' perspective and/or opinions on English Bay Seafoods, whether they do a good job servicing the food industry or not.

    The average Joe would not know. But i'm sure that there are some people around here that have more intimate knowledge of this business and the products they provide.

    1. we were talking about sourcing decent seafood on another thread recently -

      and wouldn't you know - did not realize til recently that one of our acquaintances up here in Okanagan is Otto (actually, I know the dog Boris better) - check this out
      we always wondered why he goes fishing when he was off from teaching at the high school - i suppose this is why!
      i like the sustainable mission - and a family business venture.
      it does take a commitment from the "members" - all the details are on their website

      i have my own salmon sources so i have never bought from him - so i can't speak firsthand about the product - however, i know the family seems very genuine and earnest in their business. I have confidence in their claims.

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        I had High Hopes this was about a Seafood Club sandwich-print is so fickle sometime.....

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