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Sep 23, 2013 09:00 AM

So I had a ton of greens and made this

I was getting overwhelmed by greens from my farmshare and found this soup recipe- I'm eating it right now for lunch and like it so much I kinda want to go buy more greens (this way madness lies!) I put bok choy stems in too, it's amazing what my immersion blender can do to break stuff down

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  1. If you'd like to try a fancier spin on a similar idea, you can play around with this recipe, which is also in the Jerusalem cookbook:

    1. I made a similar soup yesterday. I used chard (just under a pound, stems removed) and some fresh parsley (about a cup) and some fresh mint (about half a cup). I used chicken broth as the liquid. Oh, and I tossed in a chopped garlic clove with the onion, too.
      Very tasty

      1. That looks lovely. And I'm a proponent of stem-use also.

        Most greens also go beautifully in the traditional kale/white bean/sausage soup. Sometimes I'll sub cooked chicken for the sausage, and I always go heavy on the greens.