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Sep 23, 2013 08:53 AM

From UK, need recs please

Hi all,

my husband and I will be travelling for 2 weeks in a kind of loop from NY through Boston, NH, Maine, Vermont and then probably into Canada from Kingston, stopping at Toronto and Niagara Falls, through Buffalo and back to NY. We have been though some of those places before but not Vermont Maine or NH. We are looking at a relaxed road trip. We like to eat interesting things, we are not looking for fancy restaurants, we are looking for one off type places that make you go "wow, aren't we lucky we know about this place". My husband has a thing about breakfast, is looking for scattered hashbrowns and sausage patties, is a huge fan of buffalo wings in hot sauce and adores BBQ. I will go 50 miles out of my way for an amazing chocolate brownie or in fact an amazing anything at all. We like Indian food and Vietnamese but can find those easily in London. We also like independent bars that have that trivia game 'Buzztime' if you know of a good one that we might pass by on our trip. Also interesting food markets or shops. We will appreciate all responses very much. If you think something is fun or tasty or interesting please do let us know. Thanks so much.

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  1. This board really is directed to those south and west of Boston, including the Cape, Rhode Island and Connecticut. You will get far better responses on the various boards that relate to where your travels are taking you, Those boards would be Greater Boston, Northern New England, NY State, and Ontario. Try posting your query in each of these region specific boards. You'll find them all here:

    edit: Just saw that you did just that, but you may want to add NY State to your existing posts.

    1. Thanks so much for the reply. We have enjoyed reading all of the info so much across all the boards.

      1. I would recommend indigenous foods of New England. Warm Lobster rolls, cold lobster salad rolls, baked lobster, New Haven style pizza, Greek style pizza, pancakes with real Maple syrup, Johnny Cakes, New England chowda, fried clams, red flannel hash, steamed hamburgers (CT), Boston baked beans, cranberry bread, Durgan Hall Prime Rib and their Indian Pudding,

        Search proper chowhound boards under each category for best spots.