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Sep 23, 2013 08:52 AM

ball shaped food

My 12 month old is a picky eater but she loves rice balls and would pick up and eat anything rolled into rice ball form. I would like to vary it a bit though and wonder what other foods could be rolled up as a finger food. (Preferably not deep fried even though I suspect she would love falafel balls). Would it be possible to do something with polenta? Is there a way to turn mash potatoes or lentils into finger food?

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  1. Many things that can be fried can also be baked.

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      So true! Including falafel balls. Turkey or chicken ground meat balls, rice balls can be made with farro for a different take.

      To the OP, how would your 12 month old enjoy a flat round of zucchini, grated white or sweet potato or even corn done pancake style? Tempura veggies in just a small amount of oil can be made as finger food.

    2. Mashed potato balls are a common dish -- there are lots of recipes one can find via google. Most are variations on mixing eggs with potatoes (some add cheese, bacon, etc.). Just use fresh potatoes and chill well before frying.

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        I would stick some finely chopped steamed broccoli and cheddar or some peas or something into the potato balls. Or just mix in some baby food vegetables.

      2. Red lentil-rice cakes: - just make hers into balls rather than pancakes - and even better, one meal for the whole family! :) (You might want to cut back on the red bell pepper, onion, and/or fennel, as the seasonings are definitely noticeable in the lentil cakes.


        How about meatballs, assuming all the ingredients are things she's already eating? These are our standard Italian meatballs: - but I make about 4lbs at a time (half pork, half beef) and bake them in the oven (20' at 350 for 1.5" meatballs).

        1. Since you're rolling rice balls, you could make different flavored rice balls! They're called onigiri in Japanese and come with a variety of different fillings that could help mix it up for your picky eater.

          Filling suggestions on this onigiri thread:

          1. You could try using a melon baller for various fruits, vegetables and cheese. Maybe even tuna balls on a cracker?