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Sep 23, 2013 08:02 AM

Heirloom tomatoes: not in salad

I have three beautiful and very expensive heirloom tomatoes to use. Unfortunately our weather has turned cold (had to turn on the furnace!) and I really don't feel like my usual caprese salad. What else can I do that will suit my comfort food desire and respect these gorgeous specimens??

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  1. It's rather late in the season so chances are your tomatoes are going to be soft and rather juicy. You can take advantage of that by turning your tomatoes into soups like gazpacho or rubbing the juices into hot slices of hearty bread to make pa amb tomaquet.

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      I would enjoy doing a soup however a cold soup does not appeal. How would a tomato bisque or roasted tomato soup highlight them?

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        I was also planning a halibut, fennel and tomato dinner. It calls for a can of diced. Any point in using then here. I think I am scared to cook them.

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          Bisque sounds perfect for this time of year, particularly if you have sauce type tomatoes. If you have delicately flavored tomatoes like a green zebra, I think they'd be better off as a fine concasse to serve with roasted fish.

          Another idea would be take the mozzarella from your caprese salad and something else melty (cheddar, fontina, muenster) and make yourself a grilled cheese with tomatoes (or event a BLT). That's actually what I had for dinner last night.

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            Good thought they are various colours including zebra.

      2. I would be loath to cook them as well. What about bruschetta? Nothing says comfort to me like a warm slice of toasted bread, dripping with olive oil. You could also do a fabulous BLT.

        If you do cook them, what about a tomato tart?

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          I was just thinking of bruschetta. Some how does seem more comforting than a caprese.

          I don't think I would have enough for a tart and I just baked some peach pie. Seems a bit too decadent for one day :)

        2. I would make a simple tomato salad--crush a garlic clove to a paste with some salt, add olive oil and cider vinegar--maybe 2 tablespoons of oil and one of vinegar. Let it sit while you put together the rest of your supper.

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          1. Chop them, set in a colander and salt well. Let the tomato juices drain into a bowl for about 20-30 minutes, tossing them every now and again; add a bit of fresh basil if you have it on hand. Once juices are drained, cook minced garlic briefly then add in the juices, cook down the juice while swirling in some good butter. Toss the sauce with cooked pasta and top with the chopped tomatoes. Delicious!

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              Really like this idea. Frequently in late summer and it's hot, I make a pasta "sauce" that's not cooked. Tomatoes, capers, cheese, basil and anything else that suits me and is available.

            2. Tomatoes Provencal

              Cut them in half, get rid of the seeds or not, cover with bread crumbs and cheese and herbs, broil for a few minutes.