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Sep 23, 2013 07:46 AM

Good restaurant near 401 between airport and 400

I need to find a nice restaurant, not too formal or pretentious. A real chef, real, very good food (preferably with some world influences), a comfortable atmosphere – not too formal or too casual.
Any suggestions?
Please no chains!!

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  1. Does Chinese work for you? If so, then I'd recommend Grand Chinese Cuisine in the Doubletree hotel on Dixon Rd. near the airport. Very good and refined dim sum in a nice setting. Regular menu as well, though I've always focused on the dim sum there.

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      Point taken. But i include any restaurant based on a specific area, cuisine or ethnicity including French and Italian. I would like ti find a better selection of different foods.

    2. Thanks TorontoJo but I don't want to do ethnic - more like a selection of European-derived foods that have been influenced by the foods of the world. But that's optimal. Just a good restaurant with a nice selection is fine.

      1. Rexdale ? Weston ? Oh Boy.

        You are searching in a restaurant wasteland. Lived near there for some time and the best thing was a Red Lobster and Pinocchio's. Both are now closed.

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        1. re: PoppiYYZ

          Northwest is a wasteland. I was glad to find Pho Mi Asia at Keele and Wilson. Everyday Vietnamese family fare; very busy at lunchtime.

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            Aside from TorontoJo recommendation of The Grand, I do agree that area is a wasteland. I've had to go there twice for business meetings and Subway was my one of the better options. Sad really...

            The Grand is definitely the best thing in the area. I'll have to check out Pho Mi Asia if I'm sent there against my will again.

          2. Hmmm. This would explain my lack of success finding something. How about in Vaughan? Close to the 400?

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            1. re: helga2013

              I agree with TorontoJo that Grand is the best restaurant near the airport.

              In a pinch, Olio at 801 Dixon Rd, is decent for an Italian resto near the airport. There's also a Mr.Greek on Carlingview. I realize you requested no chains, but I think Mr.Greek might be a reasonably decent Eurocentric option near the airport, if Greek isn't too 'ethnic'.

              There's not much available closer to the 400, unless you head north on the 400 to Woodbridge/Steeles/7. If you search for Woodbridge and Italian, some recs near Steeles/7/Weston Rd will come up in the search.

              If you're willing to go further east along the 401 to Bathurst, Paese is a good Italian restaurant within a 5 minute drive of the 401. Camarra Pizza on Dufferin is an option within a 10 minute drive of the 401 and Dufferin.