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Sep 23, 2013 05:29 AM

Hamburger & a beer; downriver or Washtenaw Cty. DTW

Planning a meet up with some friends from Flat Rock. We do hamburgers and beers when we get together.

If you had to choose between the Speedboat hamburger, and the Sidetrack Bar hamburger where would you go?

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    1. I have eaten at and like both, but I would give the Sidetrack the edge. Nifty location for one thing, with the trains rumbling by. It's a good choice to have.

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      1. re: Jim M

        > trains rumbling by ...

        Yabbut; only a few more burgers-on-the-water days left this
        year. Trains will still be rumbling long after the waterfront

        1. re: rainsux

          Thanks for the feedback, all.

          Agree with you, rain, river vistas are fleeting--by season.

          So maybe we'll do Speedboat immediately, and Sidetrack in October or November.

      2. Wow. Sidetrack looks good. I'll put that on my map.