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Sep 22, 2013 08:42 PM

Earthbound Farms Market and Organic Café in Carmel

On a gray and overcast July day in Salinas, I took my mother over to Carmel Valley in search of sun and lunch. We found both at Earthbound Farms Market and Cafe. This was our first time here. I was pleased that the store, restrooms and patio eating area and some of the attached gardens were accessible for a wheelchair.

I composed a salad from the salad bar, stocked with organic Earthbound veggies and sold by weight. This was a chance to try the various prepared fresh salads, such as farro or roasted beets, sold by the market as grab-and-go picnic supplies. We also tried the organic chicken noodle soup, too weak and not recommended. Then we ended with organic ice cream: Alden’s strawberry for Mom and the Straus soft serve for me. The outdoor seating with shade and sun was a pleasant place to soak up some solar energy and enjoy a quick bite.

Earthbound Farms Market & Organic Cafe
7250 Carmel Valley Road
(just 3.5 miles east of Highway 1)
Carmel, CA
Open year-round: Mon-Sat 8am-6:30pm, Sun 9am-6pm
(Many signs are posted “No dogs”)

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