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Sep 22, 2013 08:36 PM


West side chowhounders or travelers -- finally a Mexican restaurant just opened at the Kapolei Marketplace. The owner is from Guadalajara...
Will visit it soon and give review.

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  1. el mariachi has locations in kaneohe (i think they're pretty good!) and aiea. now expanding to kapolei and chinatown. ty for the heads up, chinatown is not that far from my house, so i guess i'll be getting a mex fix more frequently, though i love serg's manoa...

    1. Just got home from a week on the Windward side, stumbled onto this place purely by accident, but it was so good, we made a second stop the day we left. We ordered assorted items on our first stop, all were great, but the torta was so exceptionally good, that we went back on our way to the airport just for them. I must say, other that the oohs & ahhs and sounds of napkins working overtime, it was a quite ride back over the H3!!! Great food & an even better staff. If you like good Mexican food, this is your place!!

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      1. re: KowboyK

        aloha kowboy k
        are you going to make a trip report?
        how was pah ke's?
        did you see my office?

        1. re: macsak

          As soon as I get caught up here. Pah Ke's was amazing and I will do a play by play as soon as I get time. I also need to send Raymond an email thanking him again, he is a great guy!! I'm sure I did see your office, I'm just not sure which one it was, we were in that area several times. I will try to get a full report asap. We absolutely loved your side of the island!!

          1. re: KowboyK

            i'm the dentist on the ground floor
            there's another dentist right above the restaurant

            glad to hear you had a great time
            looking forward to your trip report!