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Sep 22, 2013 08:31 PM

Taiwanese Chicken Nuggets

Last weekend, in Vancouver, I did a Taiwanese food crawl with a friend from Chowhound and a friend not from Chowhound. I went into it knowing pretty much zip, zero, zilch about Taiwanese food. I can't say I necessarily came out of it knowing a ton about Taiwanese food, but I did learn that Taiwanese chicken nuggets are magically delicious. I mean crazily, addictively delicious; it's like the super-thin breading on them is a finely balanced mix of corn starch, MSG and crack.

Where can I feed the addiction here in Toronto?

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  1. At the intersection of Huntingwood and Birchmount in Scarborough, there's a strip plaza ' Huntingwood Square - 2574 Birchmount '.
    Inside the plaza, located next to the Vietnamese Pho place is a tiny but very popular 'Taiwanese Snacks and Take out eatery' . Very authentic and good. You should find what you are looking for there! Tag on some really stinky Tofu if you are up to it!! Ha!

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      I think the place that Charles is referring to is "Wei's". You can find it on yelp. They usually have the longest line for stinky tofu at the night markets. Their box lunch is also really cheap. Not a sit-down place though. More of a dive but very authentic.
      The foodcourt at Metrosquare (IBM - Warden & Steeles) also has a counter which specializes in Taiwanese.
      You can also check out menu for Mei-Lung(?) noodle at First Markham Place.

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        Also at Metrosquare, a little take-out BBQ restaurant named "Tai Ping Hsiang BBQ" (this one is not at the food court, but is a stand-alone restaurant)

    2. If you're talking about popcorn chicken, any of the bubble tea houses are your best bet. If you go up norrrrrth, to hwy 7 and the like, Destiny, Go For Tea, Ten Ren's, should all have that on their menus.

      1. Loha's Cafe in First Markham Place plaza has a pretty good version.

        1. For Taiwanese popcorn chicken downtown try either a bubble tea place like jlunar said, or the dessert place in Dragon City Mall (main floor - they also serve apps and have the popcorn chicken).