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Sep 22, 2013 07:51 PM

Recipe for Comal's Sikil Pak?

I love the sikil pak at Comal. I've made Diana Kennedy's recipe for it before, but the addition of the eggplant at Comal is great. Does anyone have any clues on how it is made? Roasted eggplant, for sure, but are there tomatoes too? Kennedy calls for cilantro and chives, I'm pretty sure they used cilantro but I'm not sure about chives or any different herbs.

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  1. I think substituting eggplant for tomato is their own original idea. It tastes to me like it's just grilled or roasted. I didn't notice any tomato.

    1. Have you tried the sikil pak that Primavera makes? No eggplant, so more flavor from the pumpkin seeds and sometimes, but not always, on the hot/spicy side. Available on Saturdays @ the Berkeley and Ferry Building Farmer's Markets. (I have not seen it elsewhere.)