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Sep 22, 2013 07:38 PM

Is there a Persian restaurant that makes a good ghormeh sabzi stew in this area?

Just wondering...

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  1. I know several Persian friends who all swear that Kolbeh on Miramar Rd makes a nice ghormeh sabzi stew. Believe it or not Balboa International Market's restaurant to go also makes a decent ghormeh sabzi though not nearly as good as Kolbeh.

    1. My wife likes the ghormeh sabzi at Pars in Rancho Bernardo.

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      1. re: araknd

        Nice to see a recommend of this restaurant. Mr. Pine's family is Parsi, and much of the food has its roots in Persian cooking, and I've been encouraging him for us to try Pars. Lunch there soon!

      2. Dear oerdin and araknd,

        Thank you for your very helpful recommendations, which are equal distances from my residence. Are there any other dishes you or your wife (araknd) or friends (oerdin) particularly enjoy? For example, a tadig as good as mother makes? We intend to go this evening. TIA!

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          Hope you enjoyed your dinner. Didn't get around to checking til now. I like the beef koobideh kebab and my wife likes the boneless chicken and the Maust-o-khiar. Haven't had the tadig in a very long time, so I don't have a comment about that.

        2. The restaurant in El Cajon formerly known as Sultan Baklava, which was Turkish, has been re-named Saray. They now serve Persian and Turkish fare.

          I just had their Ghormeh Sabzi, and though I am not an expert on Persian cuisine, theirs was delicious.

          The service is solid and their baklava is to die for.

          1. Bandar downtown has excellent Gormeh Sabzi and in the Miramar area, Grill House Cafe is also quite good.