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Shellfish tower

Any recommendations for a shellfish tower in manhattan? Or individual plates where shellfish really shines?

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  1. The NoMad has a great shellfish tower.

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            If I call correctly it's a collection of oysters (west and east), clams, shrimp, crab and the piece de resistance - a whole lobster split in half.

            Sets you back a cool 2 bills.

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              Whelks, too, last time I had it, as well as the excellent Parker House rolls.

              Also, the price varies depending on the number of people. I believe it's for $50 for two, $130 for four, and $195 for six.

        1. Keens has a huge and delicious seafood platter (different shape, same concept)

          1. Aquagrill is also known for ultra fresh shellfish tower.

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              I second Aquagrill. Ultra fresh indeed.

            2. The ones at Balthazar have always worked for me.

              1. Consider gathering a group of at least 8 people and booking the Chef's Table at The John Dory. You'll not only get the shellfish tower, but also a very generous selection of the best that kitchen produces. As a bonus, you'll be right in the kitchen eating at a table with a view of all the chefs. $95 per person, $145 with wine pairings (a great deal, considering your wines are selected and poured by The John Dory's great wine manager, Carla Rzeszewski.

                1. Thanks for all the replies. I will be staying in Soho, and have been to the bar at aquagrill... glad to hear that their main room is worth visiting... trying to decide between Aqua grill and Balthazar. I like the space in Balthazar, we will probably be going some time during our stay in November... debating whether to do a shellfish tower there, or if the other options on their menu are preferable, and do the tower at Aqua.

                  Decisions, decisions.

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                    DBGB also has a pretty good seafood platter that isn't outrageously expensive but has a good variety.