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Sep 22, 2013 05:36 PM

Sukkot dairy menu

Having company Wednesday night (9 people total), and I'm stuck on the menu.
I'd like to get as much as possible done Wednesday afternoon during my daughter's naptime. Want to avoid last minute prep, other than warming up the food.

I don't eat fish, so I need an easy idea that's kids friendly. (All the kids eat salmon)

And the pasta...I want something I can do in advance that's not a variation on pasta/tomato sauce/ cheese. Any ideas?

Spaghetti squash fritters (with sriracha mayo)
String beans (with balsamic brown butter)
Individual eggplant Parmesans
Zucchini carpaccio
Spinach artichoke dip (w/challah and steamed broccoli)
Mini pizzas - cheese
Mini pizzas - pesto

Pumpkin cheesecake
Pumpkin spice coffee cake


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  1. smittenkitchen has a bunch of stuff that would work for you

    i LOVE
    but i use basil instead of mint bc i dont love mint

    ive done this as dessert

    i havent made this, but ive had it at other peoples houses and its delicious
    these are delicious, and ive served them with a plated salad

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      Thanks! Thinking of going with the sugar snap pea bowties. Have all the ingredients, except the sugar snaps. Just figuring out how I'm going to get it done beforehand.

      1. re: cheesecake17

        its one of the easier pasta recipes that doesnt involve opening a jar

        i also have a great butternut squash ravioli from chow thats delicious, BUT a lot more time consuming

      2. re: shoelace

        The Smitten Kitchen cookbook has a delicious artichoke stuffed shells recipe.

      3. Why not make a seafood pasta sadlad- best if made ahead (like the night before0 and super yummy! I like to make mine with cheese stuffed tortollini, but any pasta will work- use what you have.
        Cut up in smasll pieces one or two packs of truly faux "crab" - most treif brands of crab tenders have shellfish in them- you can get kosher versions though snds it is yummy!
        In a big bowl tos your pasta (cooked and drained) and crab and one small container of tofutti "sour creme" and then fill the container with mayo and mix with the pasta nd crab. Add three tablespoons of Old Bay, mix very well and put in the fridge for severl hours or overnight. Do NOT taste the salad until it has chilled, it wont taste very good- it reaslly does need the time to get the flavors to work.
        Super easy and really yummy!
        A fun serving idea- serve n a fish plate- a wonderful place for an inexpensive fish shaped plate is your local Asian market.

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        1. re: ThePrettypoodle

          That seafood pasta salad sounds good!

          I always make a sort of salmon en croute, using puff pastry and a salmon- tuna patty/ loaf mxture. I don't measure, but use whatever canned tuna and or salmon I have, eggs, frozen peas, chopped onion, a mashed potato for moisture, cheese, f I havenit. Whatever spices I have, sometimes a little mayo. All mashed up, spread on rolled out puff pastry, rolled up likeca jelly roll. I brsh with beaten egg and sprinkle on sesame seeds. Score with a knife -I like to score into portion sizes for easy slcing later- and bake. Always a hit in my succah.

        2. So we ended up with a meat meal! My guests requested meat and I changed it up last minute.
          Pesto roasted vegetables
          Honey mustard potatoes
          Spaghetti squash fritters
          Butternut squash and roasted onions with tahini (Jerusalem)
          Baked brown rice with edamame
          Snap pea slaw (with avocado- coconut lime dressing)
          Tossed salad
          Grilled onions and tomatoes
          Polenta fries

          Two biggest "hits" were the spaghetti squash fritters and snap pea slaw.
          Oh, and the polenta fries went over really well too!