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Sep 22, 2013 05:15 PM

Need 3 recommendations for client dinners and one for me and hubby.

I'll be in San Antonio in mid November for a convention. Staying at the Omni Mansion del Rio. I'll be taking clients out to dinner on three different nights, and one night (a Saturday) just me and my husband. Regarding the clients, two are open to more adventurous or authentic cuisine, the other is more meat and potatoes. There may be as few as three in one group and up to eight in another. They are all staying at different hotels along the riverwalk so would be easier to stay in that area. Suggestions?

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  1. Depending upon your budget, Morton's at the Rivercenter is a safe and delicious option. One of my favorite steaks but pricey. Other than that, Budros is the only other restaurant on the River Walk that I can recommend. Great food and relatively affordable. Venture out to Pearl for Sandbar. It's been a couple of years so hopefully someone can update this if need be. Oh, been wanting to get back to SA to try Luke.

    1. I would go to Bohanan's (meat and potatoes), Biga on the Banks (adventurous) and Bliss (romantic) for you and your husband (you'll need to take a taxi but it's not far)

      1. I would suggest a visit to the Pearl complex, on the museum reach of the riverwalk. Short taxi or river taxi from DT. Many good restaurants there, better than the vast majority of places on the riverwalk DT.
        Il Sogno, Sandbar, La Gloria, Nao to name a few.

        1. Bohanans for meat and potatoes.
          Monterey (southtown) for adventurous.
          Gwendolyn for romantic.
          All are walkable from downtown.