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Oct 21, 2004 11:08 AM

Rudy's BBQ - The best!

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Actually, I think that it is terrible. The brisket is freakishly tender, but there is no smoke ring or much of a char - do they boil or steam the briskets? It reminds me of bad backyard BBQ where someone wraps an entire brisket in foil.

Also, the rub on the ribs is incredibly salty, and they are unusually expensive.

Do any of you real BBQ afficionados like Rudy's?

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  1. The only good one I have found is the original Rudy's in Leon Springs, just outside San Antonio.

    1. worst. sides. ever.

      1. I agree with frank that the best one BY FAR is the one out in Leon Springs. My sister lives just down that road and when it still was just one guy (and not a Cisco franchize) it was amazing bbq and the sides were quite good. alas, the corporate monster gobbled him up.

        I do like the turkey at the franchize Rudy's tough. Actually, it's the only bbq joint where I do like the turkey.

        yup, worst....sides......ever...bleck.

        1. The only 2 things good about Rudy's is the cream corn and smoked turkey breast, the rest doesn't even compare to Bill Miller's.


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          1. re: Patrick

            does anyone have rudy's cream corn recipe. It's the best and I would love the recipe.

            1. re: sue borden

              I have been looking for Rudys Creamed Corn recipe also. If you have gotten it would you please share it with me.

              1. re: Carolyn
                MAGGIE BRASHEAR

                I would like the recipe for Rudy's creamed corn.

                1. re: Carolyn
                  Jennifer Kilgore

                  Have you guys found the recipe? I would love to have it if you have. Thanks so much!

                  1. re: Jennifer Kilgore

                    Hey guys...I found this on another website. So thanks to the person who posted it!

                    2 lb frozen corn
                    1 8oz. cream cheese
                    1/2 stick butter
                    1 tbsp. sugar
                    1/4 cup whipping cream
                    salt and pepper to taste
                    i put all of the ingredients listed and put in a crock pot and cook on medium till the cream cheese and butter are melted.

                  2. re: Carolyn

                    If anyone has the creamed cord recipe. please share. Thanks,


                    1. re: Carolyn
                      Sylvia Trueba

                      I am also looking for Rudy's Cream Corn. Please, if anyone has it. I would love to have it....

                      1. re: Sylvia Trueba

                        2 lb. frozen corn
                        8 oz. cream cheese
                        4 oz. butter
                        2 tbsp. sugar
                        1/4 cup heavy cream
                        salt and pepper to taste

                2. Actually they built one in Corpus and our family loved most of the food there, especially the Brisket. we think it was way better than Bill Millers or Millers.