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Charleston Itinerary Recommendations

Heading to Charleston with my folks for Thanksgiving weekend and trying to finalize our food plans - would love your advice!

We have 4 dinners, 3 mornings and 3 lunches - with Thanksgiving in the mix which means some spots will be closed.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Wednesday Dinner - Macintosh

Thursday Coffee - Blue Tap if it's open, Kudo if it's not

Brunch - Magnolias

Thanksgiving Dinner - High Cotton

Friday morning - Glazed Donut

Friday lunch - Xiao Bao Biscuit or Martha Lou's Kitchen? or SNOB if don't do for dinner Saturday?

Friday dinner - Fig

Saturday morning - WildFlour Pastry Sticky Buns

Saturday lunch - The Glass Onion (or Xiao Bao Biscuit or Martha Lou's or SNOB depending on Friday?)

Saturday dinner - Slightly North of Broad or McCrady's?


Thursday: Walk and explore the Historic District since most places will be closed
Broad to Battery / The Battery and Rainbow Road
Historic Churches - Circular Congregational, French Huguenot Church, Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim
Gateway Walk

Charleston City Market
The Charleston Museum
The Heyward-Washington House
The Joseph Manigault

Drayton Hall
Fort Sumter

Any advice on activities to drop or add? Any advice on which restaurants to hit/not hit?

Thanks so much!

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  1. I thought I was the only one who penciled in doughnuts and other treats on my food itinerary! Being a fellow pastry lover, I sadly see one problem with your list and that is the sticky buns from Wild Flour. To the best of my knowledge, they are only available on Sundays. You might call and double check, but I"m pretty sure that Sunday is the only day they make them.

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      Bummer - thanks for the heads up!

    2. Damn, I got tired just reading that!

      1. Glad to see Glazed on your list. Allison (pastry chef and co-owner) is a doughnut genius. She introduced a butternut squash with fresh sage icing doughnut this week as part of their new fall flavors. It's sublimely good. I recommend following them on Facebook so you can see what flavors they are selling each day.

        BTW, I'd recommend adding St. Michael's to your church list and Middleton Place as an alternative or addition to Drayton Hall (they are in the same general area and offer very different experiences). If you are not worn out after visiting Fort Sumter, you may also want to visit Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island. Just across the street from it is the beautiful Stella Maris church built from pieces of the fort after the Civil War.

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        1. re: Low Country Jon

          Thank you for the tips! Much appreciated!

        2. I would:
          pick McCrady's over SNOB
          take a look at Butcher and Bee for lunch.
          blow off Fort Sumter (a time suck, and boring)
          take the Fort Moultrie suggestion, if for no other reason than to add the beach to your activities.
          don't expect to spend much time at the city market (a flea market w/ not much to speak of except for sweetgrass baskets)
          ....all these just my personal opinions, YMMV.

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            Thanks Danna, much appreciated!

          2. I went to Middleton Place in April and it was beautiful, if you're looking for something different. Plus, they had a wonderful restaurant on site and the food was delicious, although pricey.

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            1. Okay, one more question y'all:

              Can't get a reso at Fig on the Friday night that will work for us, so between these, which should we go with:

              The Grocery
              82 Queen


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              1. Saturday morning, go by the farmers market in Marion Square. Lots of interesting vendors (not just food) plus good food from carts - crepes, shrimp and grits, etc.

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                  I'm also going to be in Charleston for Thanksgiving. Since I'll be leaving town on Saturday, can anyone recommend a good choice for breakfast or brunch? Thanks.

                2. So I definitely, very highly recommend doing the tasting at McCrady's, with the pairing. It's a phenomenal meal. With a particularly awesome sommelier.

                  You might want to try to get to Two Boroughs Larder for lunch... we had a lovely lunch there. Very relaxed and simple, but amazing ingredients.

                  Martha Lou's is absolutely worth it. We had a lot of people suggesting we shouldn't go there because "the area isn't good". The area is totally fine.

                  And, I mean, Husk is great too.

                  1. OH and the 'nduja and the charcuterie at the bar at cypress are among the best i've ever had.

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                      Do you have any recommendations for a Saturday breakfast or brunch?