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Sep 22, 2013 12:38 PM

Wrench and rodents Seagastropub - Oceanside

Wrench and Rodents Seagastropub is located inside Bull Taco in Oceanside. If you have been to BT in Oceanside you probably are familiar it was connected to a surf / clothing store, that is where the Sushi bar is located now. Davin Waite and his brother Loren were part of the founding trio that opened the Fish Joint in Oceanside a few years back. Since leaving Loren runs a food truck business "The Sushi Bus" and Davin now heads up Seabasstropub.

I was luck enough to stop by right as they opened Friday and had just returned from Point Loma Seafood and Catalina Offshore with tons of goodies.

This is deff. the kind of place you need to talk with the chefs and trust them. I would compare it in spirit to Akinori Sushi but with more of a Surfer / Oceanside state of mind.

A few of the things I had....

Wahoo - Nigiri with fig, Uni salt, and Hibiscus

Miso and mustard ceviche .

Sashimi of Sheeps head. I have never had Sheeps Head before but was told it is slowly becoming more available.

Sorry for the blurry phone is S*&^

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  1. Perhaps I am a victim of marketing, but I would hesitate to eat at a place with "rodent" in the name.

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    1. re: Dagney

      Then You'll miss out. I think they like the WTF factor and that it is based on their childhood nicknames. Really nice staff and great food.
      Animal, Abattoir, Pho King, all can be called into question based on name:) The girl and goat...I could go on.:)

      1. re: chris2269

        Yes, I guess I'll miss out until they change the name of the place -- childhood nicknames notwithstanding. I can live with the other names you mentioned, but I have to draw a red line at "rodent".

        1. re: chris2269

          But...if this were the case, it'd be called "Wrench and Rodent's" with the apostrophe indicating possessive.

          "Wrench and rodents" is more like an abandoned auto repair facility.

        2. re: Dagney

          yeah...inside jokes aren't the best marketing when you are mixing diseased vermin with food.

          1. re: MrKrispy

            Probably one of the most inane resto names I have ever seen.
            Could be a up for honorable mention for the Darwin Awards!

          2. re: Dagney

            Sea & Smoke? OK. Check. Salt & Cleaver? OK. Check. Wrench & Rodents? Huh?

          3. Gosh, wouldn't that be "Wench" and Rodents?

            1. LOL "Oh My goodness I do believe I'm getting the Vapors...tell me ...please tell me it does not say (gasp) Rodent on that sign. (faints)" I'm probably older than most here and or par but thanks for making me feel younger:) Sorry guess I should have posted in a food board...wait a min.

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              1. re: chris2269

                Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

                1. re: chris2269

                  Age has nothing to do with it..

                  It's a stupid f*cking name to be included in their signage..imo

                  If they wanted to say it in the menu in 'about page' of Childhood friends, Wrench and Rodent, well, that is a different kind of vermin.

                  Was Hantavirus and Hepatitis Gastropub name already taken?
                  ; )

                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    Sorry still find it funny ...not the name the reaction. WOW

                2. "I think they like the WTF factor..."

                  Do they understand their potential customers might be opposed to dining in a restaurant solely based on the reasoning of "WTF"?

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                  1. re: Dagney

                    I do not Know, I was just reporting info and my food experience, If the sushi was bad I would have said so and not blamed it on the name. Sushi was great. Sign (actually banner) says seabasstropub. I was just reporting the full name because that is what it is. The Leap from "rodent in the name to rodent in the food" is just insane to me. If I got bad Sushi from Happy Happy Sushi Clean Fun time ... I would not go "well I must be wrong Happy is in the name right there" I actually submitted a mod to nuke the tread because again not about the food. Like a lot of SD threads these days. Also very small place (12 - 14 seats) Local following...not sure how much marketing they need..they pulled a lot of followers from Fish Joint and their food truck venture. My next post will just be great "X" place in North County with an address to avoid this:)

                    1. re: chris2269

                      I always enjoy your posts Chris, but from an objective standpoint, not being local to O'side and that Wrench and Rodents have a local following, your title post made me think that you had some sort of rat experience, hence, the title and when I finally decided to brave reading the post to see that it has nothing to do with you seeing or dealing with any rats while dining but it's the name of the resto, well, it just seems like one big rat f*ck, excuse the pun..

                      Maybe it works in O'side and I wish them all the best.

                      But if I was driving by looking to grab some eats and I saw a restaurant sign with 'rodents' in the name, we're not talking about the cute fuzzy squirrel or the Meerkat, we are talking about the rat that no restaurant wants to have any association with.

                      Personally, I would be turned off...maybe because I'm a chick but I asked my DH if it was a chick thing and he said it was really weird and then we started laughing, thinking of super gross funny, to us, restaurant names...things we'd like to see.
                      (we are both MAD Magazine fans and I am subscriber)

                      I think your thread has relevance...owning several business, marketing and brand identity are key and when your name conjures up unpleasant parallels, it's just not good.


                  2. Folks, it's fine to comment on the name of a restaurant, but the general debate on whether having an odd/offputting name should or shouldn't matter when assessing a restaurant is a really big topic that's dragging this thread off onto an increasingly unfriendly tangent. We'd ask that everyone let that subject go, and focus on sharing your opinions on the food at Wrench and Rodents if you've tried it. Thanks.