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Half & half substitute

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I'm making white chicken chili and it turned out a little thin & bland. I'd like a creamier chili. I have milk and I have evaporated milk. What can I use to make this a thicker chili? Thank you

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    1. I wouldn't add liquid in this case - you'll just dilute the flavor even more. Starch is the best addition for a thicker, creamier result. You can add it in the form of pureed cooked beans, bread crumbs, or a roux made with flour or whatever starch (corn, potato, arrowroot, tapioca) you have on hand. Once it's the right consistency you can add more seasoning to punch up the flavor.

      The other option is to reduce the chili by letting it simmer with the lid off to allow some of the excess liquid to evaporate. It will concentrate the flavor as well.

        1. Evaporated, plus cooking down the whole thing until it reduces to a thicker consistency.

          1. Adding a liquid will not make your "Chili" thicker or less bland.
            As already stated crushing some of the Beans or reducing the Liquid will help with the body and intensity of flavor.
            You can also use a Liaison to thicken the broth.
            For Blandness, Salt, Spices, Chilis, Acids or/and Aromatics (Garlic, Onion, Herbs)need to be added.

            1. When I need to thicken chili I make a slurry of masa and water and stir it in. It gives a nice corn tortilla flavor to the dish. I'm in the beans optional category. We cook them separately and those who want some can add them.

              1. You can spoon out some of the white beans and use an immersion blender or regular blender with a little liquid to puree the beans. Stir the puree back into the beans to thicken the pot.

                You could also add a little masa harina or cornmeal as it cooks, to thicken it.

                I don't know why you couldn't puree beans in milk, or add a little directly to the pot. But I don't generally think of dairy in chili, even white chili.

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                  I'm trying to wrap my head around cream or half and half in chili, too.