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Sep 22, 2013 09:48 AM

traditional v-shaped baking pans - Nfld - what are they used for?

hi - a question from the west coast - i was looking at a marine goods supplier website from Nfld - and they offer these v-shaped loaf pans --- what is the history and the usage? I have looked on internet but can't find any explanation - thank you in advance

The traditional Newfoundland and Labrador v-pans and bun cutters have been used for years in homes around the province. These items are of superior quality made in Newfoundland by a tinsmith exclusively for Mercer's.

there is a photo of them here -

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  1. I'm from St. John's... never seen these pans before. I can't even remember any baked goods in this shape.

    Now you've got me curious. i'm going to ask my Mom.

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      My mom (lifelong Newfie baker) had no idea. I think Mercer's Marine may be embellishing how "traditional" these pans are.

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        other than baking somewhat more evenly (as opposed to traditional loaf pan) - i cannot think what the advantage would be -

        thank you for checking with Mom - she knows ; )

    2. What a mystery. Nothing on google. Wonder if it has something to do with baking on a rockin' and rollin' ship?

      1. I didn't know what they were for either, but once I saw this photo it all became clear. I have seen tea loaves in a v-shape.

        1. I was very curious about this so emailed the people at Mercer's Marine. They tell me the V shape is decorative and is used for tea cakes and the like. I'm sure there is some history to it, but they were not able to tell me.

          Great question, OP!

          1. hello and thank you everyone - this is interesting.

            i initially wondered if it made it easier to slice the crusts OFF when making decorative tea sandwiches - but that doesn't really make sense does it - as it wastes more edge than a convential loaf would (we need an engineer to measure for us!)

            i'll keep looking here at CH to see if we can figure this out. Over and out from the west coast Pacific Ocean.

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              Mercer's Marine only ships within Canada, not to the US.