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Sep 22, 2013 06:58 AM

Some Photos and Avatars appearing as icons w question mark

Over the past couple of days I've had an issue where certain avatars and photos appear as a system icon with a question mark in the centre. (see below)

I'm running Safari on a macbook.

This happens randomly and refreshing the screen sometimes addresses the situation.

I'm also having the same issue when I click on photos. The pop up loads but if I try to scroll through the photos in a thread, I get the questionbox icon again and the never ending circle indicating the photo is loading. (photo below).

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  1. I'm experiencing the same thing. In addition, one photo I wanted to look at simply had a short/small faint vertical line in the post and clicking on that brought me to where the photo should have been but the "never-ending-circle" was there instead.
    Firefox 23.0, Windows Vista

    1. Same experience here. I thought the videos and photos had been locked for some reason until I found the Site Topics inquiring about it.

      1. Still also having issues with photos showing in the thumbnail, but won't resolve in the larger picture - just the "never ending circle", as Gio said above.

        And I've already cleared my cache yesterday, as suggested by PeterCC in the thread noted below, so it *shouldn't* be that issue.

        Chrome/Windows 7.

        1. I'm running Firefox too, and I get that vertical line instead of the photo in breadcrumbs' post above. But clicking through I do get the photo, it just doesn't appear embedded in the original post as it should.

          1. I'm seeing the same on Firefox/Mac.

            Another twist is that if I click on a photo immediately after uploading it, the window that pops up shows another photo in the same thread, and not one that I've uploaded necessarily. After a little bit, then I get the spinning circle. A few hours later, I will be able to open the photo in the pop up window.