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Some Photos and Avatars appearing as icons w question mark

Over the past couple of days I've had an issue where certain avatars and photos appear as a system icon with a question mark in the centre. (see below)

I'm running Safari on a macbook.

This happens randomly and refreshing the screen sometimes addresses the situation.

I'm also having the same issue when I click on photos. The pop up loads but if I try to scroll through the photos in a thread, I get the questionbox icon again and the never ending circle indicating the photo is loading. (photo below).

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  1. I'm experiencing the same thing. In addition, one photo I wanted to look at simply had a short/small faint vertical line in the post and clicking on that brought me to where the photo should have been but the "never-ending-circle" was there instead.
    Firefox 23.0, Windows Vista

    1. Same experience here. I thought the videos and photos had been locked for some reason until I found the Site Topics inquiring about it.

      1. Still also having issues with photos showing in the thumbnail, but won't resolve in the larger picture - just the "never ending circle", as Gio said above.

        And I've already cleared my cache yesterday, as suggested by PeterCC in the thread noted below, so it *shouldn't* be that issue.


        Chrome/Windows 7.

        1. I'm running Firefox too, and I get that vertical line instead of the photo in breadcrumbs' post above. But clicking through I do get the photo, it just doesn't appear embedded in the original post as it should.

          1. I'm seeing the same on Firefox/Mac.

            Another twist is that if I click on a photo immediately after uploading it, the window that pops up shows another photo in the same thread, and not one that I've uploaded necessarily. After a little bit, then I get the spinning circle. A few hours later, I will be able to open the photo in the pop up window.

            1. Interesting. I just tried to post that this issue is still a problem, and the post wouldn't go through - TWICE. The picture size is only 204KB, so it's not because it's too big!


              Two pictures from the current WFD thread on Home Cooking. First picture was viewable; second pic was the little avatar that looks like a landscape with broken line through it - similar as what I'm seeing on Breadcrumbs' initial post right now.

              I *did* open another window tab, went to CH, and went back to the thread, and both pictures showed up. But the 2nd photo didn't the first time I looked at it.

              Not going to try and load the picture again - but CH is *definitely having a problem. Not a cache issue, as I clear cache at work every Friday evening.

              1. Hi Breadcrumbs.

                We are aware of the photo display and upload issues and are looking into it. Thanks to you and the rest of the folks here for reporting it.

                1. Just curious if anyone's still seeing this issue? Thanks.

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                      Glad to hear it! Thanks for responding.