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Sep 22, 2013 06:13 AM

Desserts in Ann Arbor

What are the best desserts to be had in Ann Arbor and where can I find them? Whether it's a restaurant, bakery, or market, what is your go-to "if I'm going to splurge on calories, THIS is what I'm getting" ? Could also include Ypsilanti - willing to drive for delicious sweets! :)

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  1. I like the cakes at Amadeus: eat in or take out.

    1. Oh this is right in my wheelhouse. Firstly, zingermans bake house has insanely expensive desserts, some are worth it and some are not. Standouts are the Paris-Brêst, hot cocoa cake, palmiers, blondies, their new Hungarian tortes, and fruit pies. I give their cakes and cupcakes a pass -- too expensive for what you get. Zingermans creamery makes great gelato.

      Jefferson bakery is the place to go for cakes. They have other good sweets too, like hand pies and linzer cookies. Offerings can be seasonal.

      Mani has some interesting desserts and their pistachio cannoli was the best dessert I had last year. Zola has some good sweet crêpes, as does the new What Crêpe.

      In Ypsi, the place to go for doughnuts and standard bakery sheet cakes with good old sweet icing is Dom Bakeries (bonus 24 hour drive thru). Haabs does good homemade pies. The new Blue Wolf grill does a croissant bread pudding.

      Oh there are lots more that I'll add as I think of them. Fwiw, I'm not a fan at all of cupcake station or cake nouveau.

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        Thanks! Feel free to keep adding, this is a great list so far. Glad you included donuts. I almost grabbed a cannoli to go at Mani last night but the description of lemon ricotta stopped me. I don't think of lemon in a cannoli. Should have gone for it.

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          Oh yes, I used to drive through at Dom for a fresh donut on some evenings post-outing just because I could. And because the fresh, sugary donut was goooood.

          I'll agree on Zingermans value v. cost. Some things outstanding, others just pretty good (but all prices high).

        2. In terms of baked goods the brownies at Zingermans are amazing, as is the carrot cake (OMG!).

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            And my fiance really likes the Bumpy Cake Cupcakes and the various mini-cupcakes at Cupcake Station.