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Sep 22, 2013 03:01 AM

Economical and mid-range Cambridge pub and restaurant recs

I've read the older threads, including the most substantial Cambridge thread from 2010 ( ).

Does anyone have any economical and/or mid-range recs (for me, that means less than 25 GBP/person not including drinks) for restaurants and pubs they've visited in the last 12 months? Are there any new players worth checking out? Or specific dishes you'd recommend at any Cambridge restaurants or pubs?

Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. I'm also curious because we just moved here in the last week and I haven't found that many recs on the board either. I will say, though, that we ate in Dry Drayton yesterday for lunch at the pub in town and it was really great. I had a duck sandwich (hoisen sauce and five-spice) with salad and coleslaw while my husband had the outstanding pie of the day (chicken, bacon, and mushroom). The mains listed were right at your 25 GBP mark while our lunch was cheaper.

    That's been our only good mid-range meal (so far!). However we had a nice meal at Al-Casbah on Mill Road. It's less than 15 GBP/person but has a nice ambience. We had the meze appetizer and the mixed grill. We will definitely go back.

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      Thanks for mentioning the pub in Dry Drayton and Al-Casbah.

      We had a lovely Turkish dinner at Efes on King Street, and I'd certainly return. We enjoyed the kofta kebab, lamb chops, imam bayildi, moussaka, cacik and baklava. Friendly service and reasonable prices. Our dinner for 3 cost just under 60 GBP before tip.

      I found this list from Dec 2012, which you might find useful . I can recommend Fitzbillie's legendary Chelsea buns. I haven't had a chance to try the other places mentioned. Stickybeaks was very busy earlier today.

    2. Had a nice supper at St John's Chop House tonight. Popular place. We tried the Carrot and Coriander soup, the mussels,Welsh rarebit fritters, Steak and Kidney Pie (daily suet pudding), a cappuccino and Apple Dappy and Custard. Came to just under 43 GBP, before tip.

      1. Cambridge has come a long way in the past couple of years.

        Places well worth a visit:

        Zhonghua (Chinese dumpling house on Norfolk st)
        Jack's Gelato (not a restaurant, handmade ice creams. Exciting flavours, very very good. sold in 'Nord' on Sussex st).
        Bibimbap (Mill rd. Always cooked by the same woman. healthy, cheap and delicious)
        Steak and Honour (various locations, served from a vintage H van, can be found via twitter)
        Afternoon Tease. (fantastic cafe on Kings Street)
        Pint Shop (Lovely new restaurant and pub in town centre)