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Sep 22, 2013 12:47 AM

Aziamendi [Phuket]

I have just returned from Spain and I enjoyed a great meal as the 3 star Azurmendi near Bilbao. Whilst there I met the manager of their new venture in Thailand called Aziamendi at the new Iniala hotel on Phuket. I am told it will be a very Thai inspired menu created by Eneko Axta and the chefs are already training in Spain. It opens in December - it should be really interesting. Here's my report on Azurmendi:

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  1. Good reading as always, Phil.

    I'm planning on visiting Aziamendi later this year and will report back; the charity angle behind Aziamendi and its host Iniala Resort is also extremely interesting.

    1. Thanks Phil, I've contacted them trying to get a reservation during their soft opening. It looks amazing and is sure to be a very welcome addition to the island.

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      1. re: DagnyTaggart

        Dagny - do you know the dates for opening etc. looks like we maybe over for Christmas week. May need to get a cab up there as I assume their hotel rates will be beyond us especially at Christmas.....!

        1. re: PhilD

          I do, I heard back from HQ and the plan is to open 11/12/13. I'm there at the end of November and though it's not officially open, I'm pretty sure they're going to make it happen :) They just updated the Iniala site, it's definitely positioning to be the most exclusive resort in the Phuket/Krabi area. A shame we'll miss each other by scant weeks but I'll report on my dining experiences, (I'm going to Phi Phi, Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Shanghai as well as Phuket on this trip).

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            We will be able to compare notes we are booked in just after Christmas. Looking forward to it - just need to research more in Phuket, I suspect the other meals will be a lot simpler.

            1. re: PhilD

              I know this is way late but I've been traveling pretty much constantly all year. We decided to skip Aziamendi and leave Phuket early to head over to Phi Phi. It sounds like the resto was pretty good and we had a good time in Phuket but we'd skip it entirely next time in favour of Phi Phi. Tasty food there too.

              1. re: DagnyTaggart

                We had a decent meal - but too similar to the one in Spain. Slightly disappointed it lacked much Thai influence and compared to Spain (let alone Phuket) it was really expensive.

                Still I saw the Kardashin's were in residence there recently.

                1. re: PhilD

                  On the evening I was there (late April), they were running a special 5-course Thai cuisine menu, so it seems they were trying to express their terroir, etc. through that outlet, instead of fusing the flavours.

                  1. re: Julian Teoh

                    Thats good - how was it? And more importantly how much was it?

                    1. re: PhilD

                      I didn't try it as I was only there for one night. My dining companions seemed to like it, however.

                      It was markedly cheaper than the full-blown tasting; I recall around THB 4,000 - 4,500? Not suggesting, of course, that a meal of that price is cheap...

      2. The restaurant is opening tomorrow night with a private party for 50. I'll be among the attendees, covering the event for a Bangkok magazine.

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        1. re: JoeCummings

          Bully for you, Joe :p

          I was meant to be there also but unfortunately had to pull out at the last minute. Anything you can report briefly without breaching your retainer with the magazine?

          1. re: Julian Teoh

            Sorry I didn't reply earlier. Now that's a month later, trying to remember the details! It was impressive, flavours, textures, aromas, presentation, all matched with my expectations of Atxa.

        2. I am booked for dinner at Aziamendi on February 12. Did you visit in December? How was the experience/ Any suggestions as to what to order?

          Many thanks.

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          1. re: TravelingMan23

            Can highly recommend this one if it's on the menu the night you dine. Pigeon with hazelnuts, gold foie gras and morel tapenade,

            1. re: TravelingMan23

              It is very, very good - although its quite a faithful reproduction of the food/menu in Spain. That was a slight disappointment as we had recently eaten in Spain and we had hoped for more Thai influences.

              I thought they only did set menu's so the choice is really which of the three menus do you want to try. Tribute at THB6,000; Twist at THB 7,500; and Vegetalis, at THB 5,000 (so its not inexpensive especially for Thailand).

              They also do wine pairings, we went for the Thai one (it wasn't bad) as the Basque one hadn't arrived yet.

            2. Phil and Joe: Thank you very much for your responses. I'll report back on our experience when we return in mid-February.