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Sep 21, 2013 11:19 PM

haleiwa joe's kaneohe 9/21/13

i ordered the grilled fish from the specials menu, not the grilled from the regular menu. today it was marlin, and very good. it featured a creamy, buttery sauce with capers, a scoop of rice which reminded me of risotto, two grilled filets perfectly seasoned (well, i sprinkled pepper on it too), and topped with guacamole. very tasty, perfectly cooked.

also had the traditional poke, which was very good.

tasted some sauteed mushrooms (not the stuffed mushrooms), typical, tasty.

garlic bread was everything y';d expect, buttery, garlicky, crunchy, chewy.

prime rib was huge, as usual, but surprise, the rare (mom and sis and myself love a true rare) was actually almost rare! happy times.

tasted the paradise pie (mud pie), was good.

i had the baby cake (choc lava cake with cream cheese/chocolate center) for dessert. ordered w/out the rasperry sauce, used some of the chocolate sauce from sister's mud pie. the cream cheese in the middle really gave it extra flair, i recommend it highly.

now i'm going to go lie down.

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  1. We ate there on the 13th, too late for the Prime Rib, so I had the King Crab. My wife also had the grilled Marlin special. she loved it. A friend had the seared Ahi, said it was the best she'd ever had. After a whole pound of crab, I didn't have room for desert, the rest of the group did, said it was great, I was so full, I don't even recall what they had. Will definitely go back next time we visit!!