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Sep 21, 2013 08:14 PM

Tandoori marinade

Here's my draft for Tandoori marinade with a few questions:

coriander, cumin, paprika, Kashmiri red chili, fresh ginger-garlic paste, yogurt, nutmeg, black pepper, salt, kasoori methi, either lemon or lime

which, lime or lemon?
cardamom powder?
garam masala?
fresh onion grated?
fresh coriander leaves (in addition to coriander powder)?
fenugreek powder?
curry leaves ground into powder?
ginger powder (in addition to fresh)?
amchoor powder?

Am I missing something special? Is it possible to overcrowd the marinade? I want that really deep mouth-watering flavor, no shortcuts.

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  1. I use lime juice, yes to grated onions, yes to cardamom and cinnamon, no to cilantro ( IE fresh coriander, even though I love it I don't use it here), no to the rest. At least in mine.

    1. Sahni and Jaffrey say lemon juice, so that is what I use. They suggest slashing the skinless, bone-in chicken [assuming you are using chicken] and rubbing lemon juice and salt all over the pieces, paying special attention to the slits. Then build the rest of the marinade while the chicken sits with the lemon and salt. When the marinade is done, then the chicken is added to that.

      I have found the difference in texture since reading this tip to be more than noticeable. It is brilliant and results in the perfect cooked chicken texture.

      1. Use lemon. No to everything else.

        1. Look almost the same as what I was taught.

          For 2 fryer Chickens cut up:

          Dry Masala
          4 tsp Coriander
          2 tsp Cumin
          4 tsp Paprika
          1 tsp Cayenne
          1/2 tsp Tumeric
          3 tsp Kosher Salt
          Toast Cumin and Coriander lightly and Powder
          Mix with the rest of the dry Spices(if you have Kashmiri Chili Powder sub it for the Paprika and Cayenne)

          2 Lemons
          Squeeze over Chicken pieces and then mix in the Dry Masala coating all the Pieces.

          Wet Masala
          1 C Whole Milk Yogurt
          1/4 C Ginger-Garlic Paste
          Green Chilis 2-? (ground with the Ginger and Garlic)
          12 or so stalks Cilantro and Mint chopped

          Mix all wet Ingredients and add to the Chicken, mixing thoroughly to coat all the Pieces. Marinate 2 hour min up to 12 Hours

          1. I asked my mom and she says:

            - Lemon not lime.
            - Just make a batch of Garam Masala instead of GM and the other spices as well
            - Chaat Masala in place of Amchoor powder.

            Also gives these 2 recipes as her 'base' and then amends them to taste.

            Garam Masala: