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Sep 21, 2013 07:08 PM

Souvla [Hong Kong]

Another really good new opening in Hong Kong from Concept Creations (Tapeo & Chicha). It has taken over the old Harringtons space on LKF - Harringtons started well but then declined quite quickly and closed after about 12 months.

Its a good space: its large but set up in a way to make it quite intimate. On a Saturday night there is definitely a buzz about the place that creates real anticipation. It is very busy and unfortunately this means a time limit on he table (a pet peeve).

The menu is divided into a number of sections is delivers fairly traditional greek classics in a modern presentation. We start with Tzatziki ($70), Taramasalata ($80) and pita breads. The dips are excellent, the Taramasalata is especially good with great texture and a wonderfully fishy flavour (its made in house not bought in), the Tzatziki is good, but lacks a bit of the garlic punch I like and I suspect it suffers a bit because great greek yoghurt is tricky to find in HK.

The one negative is the Pitta: they are soft, fluffy rounds of bread more like a western supermarket version than and island Taverna. They also don't serve enough and it would be nice to see them include a baskets of them in the same way other places serve bread with a meal rather than at $25 a small bowl (useful to eat the meat courses with) as this would be more in keeping with a greek taverna. We had to order two just to finish the dips.

The next dishes follow with Saganaki ($120) and Goat Souva's ($65) , classic dishes well executed although the pita again lets down the Souva a bit.

For main's we go for some heavy meat dishes, slow cooked lamb ($295) that melts under the fork, amazingly flavoured chicken ($235) which is beautifully soft and moist, and some equally fine pork ($245). We balance this with two salads, a sparking fresh traditional greek salad ($85), and an interesting cypriot one ($75). Roast potatoes ($65) and Spanakopita ($165) make up the other dishes, the Spanakopita is particularly moreish.

The wine list is OK but it gets expensive quickly and could have a few more Greek selections at a mid price point. We drank a Bt.Gentilini red ($425) which wasn't that special especially at that price point.

Total cost of the meal for four was $2,625 and we were full. And even though we had a time limit on the table the service was swift yet very friendly and we didn't feel rushed at all.

Overall a great place to wallow in some wonderful comfort food - its going to be on our regular rotation. I am looking forward to seeing the menu mature and expand - the chef promises rabbit in the future - I can't wait.

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  1. After reading your post, I did a little bit of Googling and now know that "souvla" means skewer in Greek, and "souvlaki" (probably the only Greek word I'm really familiar with) is really little "souvla" or little skewer.

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      I loved this place which I brought my two sisters and their husbands for dinner. Love the halloumi cheese, the tzatziki, everything!

    2. I love Greek yogurt and after realizing how expensive it is in HK, I started making my own. I like to eat it with lots of cucumber and some cumin as a dip, or with honey and some nuts..reminds me of a wonderful holiday in Mykonos several years ago!

      First I either make my own tub of yogurt using a starter or buy a large tub of regular yogurt. Then I strain the yogurt (paper towel lining a colander in a big bowl works for me, I found cheesecloth is not fine enough) for a few hours until the consistency is firm enough to my liking. If I want labne I leave it to strain even longer and then roll it into a log with parsley and other herbs.