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Sep 21, 2013 05:52 PM


Sometime ago, there was an Indonesian resto. called Bali Indonesia on Kapiolani Blvd across from McCully SC. Although I can cook Indonesian food, from time to time I don't feel like cooking, or would want to bring guest to enjoy the ambience of a nice restaurant. Anyone knows whether there is any Indonesian resto. or similar to it (not Malaysian). Just wondering...

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  1. Not since the one you mentioned closed. I have an Indonesian friend who lived here, they were always hoping someone would open another one, but no such luck.

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    1. re: KaimukiMan

      Hey -- maybe we could get together and open one....:)

    2. what are some indonsian dishes you like?

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        Lodeh - a stew that is often vegetarian, but you could add chicken
        Rendang- a beef dish, almost a stew, not a lot of sauce.
        N'sai goreng - fried rice indonesia style

        the asian market on beretania across times has the mixes/packets to start these as well as some other ingredients. the recipes can be found on line.

        the only one I've made is lodeh.

      2. well well - you may be (temporarily) in luck if you got lunch time to spare....due to a scheduling conflict, there will be an indonesian chef at TASTE on Fridays lunchtime for next 3 weeks:

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          This, I got to visit ! Thanks...

        2. Every Friday at TASTE there is going to be Indonesian cuisine for lunch.