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Sep 21, 2013 05:45 PM

Spanish Vermouth

Saw a square bottle of Spanish Vermouth today, but cant recall the name. Anyone know this product or more importantly tried it? How does it compare? I usually drink Dolin or Carpano.

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  1. Most likely it was Bodegas Montana Perucchi vermouth. I've had the red and it's outstanding. Not really as rich and herbal as Carpano Antica, but works great on the rocks with an orange twist and makes a nice Manhattan. Definitely head and shoulders above M&R; it compares favorably to Cocchi Vermouth di Torino. I've not had the blanco vermouth, but I hear good things there too. Where are you located? This is unavailable where I live and apparently U.S. distribution is spotty.

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    1. re: carnicero

      I'm in Virginia, near DC. Giving the comments, I might have to go get it.

      1. re: DrinkinLife

        Lately it is my favorite. I just finished that bottle that had been lost in the fridge and am having a difficult time finding it at local stores. The bottle was a gift from a friend who owns a few fine cocktail bars in NYC. I guess I'll have to go down to the city to find it.

    2. Is it Casa Mariol? Here in Madrid, we drink vermut more on tap, but I've seen it in a bottle, too. It's a typical low-cost "aperitivo"--I always resist it the first sip or so, but warm up to it. It's dark and kind of carmel flavored with herbs and spices. Yzaguirre is another brand.

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        How is the Yzaguirre? We have that here and I've always wondered.

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          Yzaguirre is fantastic. THe Reserva Vermouth is especially good, on the same quality level as Carpano Antica, only a very different flavor profile.

      2. Perucchi Gran Reserva is one of my favorites. I personally think it blows away Carpano which I think goes overboard with vanilla tones. The Perucchi has a much more complex, herbal, and bitter character. Well worth investing in. Also I found that as long as it is kept in the fridge, it doesn't seem to oxidize like many other vermouths do. I had a half full bottle that got pushed to the back of my vermouth fridge and forgotten for at least a year and when I noticed it a few months ago it was still great.

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        1. re: JMF

          Of course you have a vermouth fridge.

          1. re: ncyankee101

            Yeah... running a home based food and beverage business is interesting. Besides my main fridge in the kitchen, which is rather jam packed, I have three smaller ones in my office, one in the lab, and another in the garage. One is for open bottles vermouth, cream liqueurs, and wines. That is stacked on one which is for beer, condiments, and cocktail garnishes like olives, cherries, weird pickled and candied stuff I made, and fresh citrus and fruit. Those two are 3'x2"x2". One is a 48 bottle wine fridge (3"x3"x2") with two separate temperature controlled zones set for red and white & dessert wines. In the garage is a large fridge that I set up with temp. and humidity control, a humidifier and an internal fan, for curing meats and chartcuterie. The one in the lab has different strains of yeast, yeast nutrients, liquids hydrocolloids, edible gels, food chemicals, fruit concentrates and purees, juices, etc.

          2. re: JMF

            Glad to hear someone publicly challenge the pedestal Carpano Antica has been put on. Good vermouth, but too much Vanilla to mask the imperfections. Perucchi Gran Reserva is alright, but I think the Yzaguirre Reserva Rojo and Blanco blow it away. They are new to the US, but are available for order online, and on the ground in select states. Also, the Martinez Lacuesta Reserva products are spectacular. Much lighter in mouthfeel and alcohol, with floral and citrus notes, but still fantastically complex.

            The last one I would suggest you try is Mancino Vermouth. It is not yet in the US - scheduled to arrive end of summer and straight out to distributors in many states by end of September. His take on vermouth is entirely different from any Torino vermouth out there. He also does the entire range, Secco, Bianco, ROsso and Aged Rosso. All are quite simply exceptional. Full disclosure, I run an importing business focused on enhancing the quality of aperitifs in this country. We are called Fasel Shenstone.

            Happy Vermouthing!

            1. re: vermouthist

              Agree on the Yzaguirre Reserva Rojo; it's great on it's own, in a manhattan and in a negroni. Even though it is great in a manhattan, my favorite manhattan is one made with Zuidam Millstone 100 Rye and Carpano Antica Formula.

              I had not heard of the Perucchi Gran Reserva before reading this post. I'll try to find a bottle.

              1. re: travelprof

                I will make sure to give your perfect Manhattan a try. Thanks for the tip.

              2. re: vermouthist

                Completely agree on the Yzaguirre Reserva Rojo, though I really really enjoy the classic Rojo as well. The preference comes from enjoying it as part of a vermuteria experience...straight up on a big piece of ice with a wedge of orange, an olive, accompanying some Espinaler seafood.

                Another impressive one is Espinaler Reserva, as well as the slightly more bitter yet still very enjoyable Vermut Miro Reserva. Casa Mariol, another strong contender, and definitely the darling of the moment in Spain.

                I wasn't bowled over by the Mancinos though, having tried them all.

                I think overall the Spanish vermuts represent some of the more interesting boutique vermuts, crafted for drinking on its own, especially enjoyable at noontime!

                1. re: bigyam

                  Great synopsis. Mancino is a different game. Not as approachable as the Spanish, and much more bitter sweet. If you prefer the Spanish style, Lacuesta Vermut will win your heart. Simple, light yet elegant and well layered.

                1. re: JMF

                  I'll look for the Perucchi Gran Reserva . . .

                  One of my favorite Spanish vermuts to drink straight is Priorat Natur -- see

                2. I'm in Philly and it's not available in PA or south Jersey. I heard it's in ABC stores in North Carolina, and I happen to be going there next week. Hopefully I can grab a case or 2.