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Sep 21, 2013 05:28 PM

A few days in Indianapolis

My husband will be in town for a convention in a week. He asked me to find him some places with great food in the area. If I remember correctly, he is staying at a hotel (Mariott?) that is connected to the Convention Center.

He plans to take clients to dinner 2 or 3 times and is looking for some really delicious food. He is very much a meat/potatoes and surf/turf kind of guy so suggestions for the best steakhouses that he could get to somewhat easily would be appreciated. He also enjoys Italian, Italian-American, Mexican, and Southwestern-style food. He has no interest in any kind of Asian or Indian cuisine.

Thank you for any recommendations that you may have.

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  1. St. Elmo's should suit him just fine.

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      Thank you for that recommendation.

    2. Does anyone else have any input? I'm really not worried about his breakfasts or lunches as he will happily hit up coffee shops or fast food places for them.

      He has to take clients out 3 nights while he is in town. Although he happily eats fast food, he does appreciate good food and is hoping to have some in Indianapolis.

      He was so pleased with all of the delicious meals we had in Vegas this spring thanks to my Chowhound research that he is hoping to find some really amazing places again in his temporary escape from the Jersey Shore.

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        If he's willing to do chains, there are two excellent upscale ones downtown: Palomino and Oceanaire. They both offer great food and service. (The seafood tower at Oceanaire and the lamb shank at Palomino are extraordinary.)

      2. I agree St Elmo's is great. There is also Harry & Izzy's- both have the amazing shrimp cocktail. There is also a small Cafe patachou location in the Simon building downtown near the Marriott for breakfast and lunch.

        1. Libertine is a very good gastro-pub-like place downtown. St. Elmo's, as previously noted, is great. A short cab ride/drive to Mass Ave. gets you to Mesh, Black Market and R Bistro (probably my favorite in Indy). Also some good bars, too, I like Ball & Bisquit.