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Sep 21, 2013 02:49 PM

Coconut Milk

Where's the best place to buy coconut milk (in the can for cooking) at a reasonable price? It's almost $3 a can at my local Rainbow. I live in the Como Park area (near the State Fair Grounds), so closer is better. Thanks!

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  1. Most of the time I get the light coconut milk from Trader Joe's, either the woodbury or the one in St Paul off of Lexington near 35E. And I just learned looking up what street the St Paul one was on that Shoreview has one too! (I live in Roseville)

    If I'm making something where I need the fattier milk, I get what's at Rainbow/Byerlys. But for a weeknight curry, I'll save the calories.

    1. Shung Hur or Dragon Star should carry Mae Ploy brand. Wont actually be much cheaper, but it is the best.

      1. There is a little Asian market east 1/2 block, south side of Snelling on Como. Should have what you need cheaper than Rainbow.

        1. I've seen coconut milk at ALDI, too, but it's not an everyday item and they don't carry the light coconut milk I prefer. If you can plan ahead, it's probably the cheapest coconut milk around.

          Otherwise, almost any decent-sized Asian grocery should have it for less than $3 a can.

          1. Aroy-D brand from Thailand @ The best coconut milk from Thailand according to these guys. @ $2.89/14oz can....or less when bought in quantity.

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              Readily available in almost any store locally.

              United Noodle, Dragon Star, Double Dragon, Sun Foods are all awesome grocers where you will find several varieties / brands of Coconut Milk, plus a million other things you didn't know existed if you've not been in one before.

              1. re: american_idle

                And those are fascinating stores to spend time in, too.

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                  2nd. And though not close, the 14oz can @ United Noodle is $1.29.

                  And as sandy pointed out: worth the trip.